VIDEO: 72 going 100MPH, beauty parlor or bust

If there is anything 72 year old South Carolina resident Sandra Weiss Powell has learned it is to never, ever, and she means ever be late for a hair appointmentThis story is your trifecta of “woman driver” (sorry ladies) “senior citizen driver” and “funny mugshot plus video”.  It’s what I like to call a blogger softball!

Miss Sandra from Spartanburg SC left her home like she usually does to get her hair all fancied up when everything went wrong after making a right turn when she should have turned left.  In a report from the Spartanburg Herald-Journal she said:

“I really was out of it.  I don’t know how I got there. I don’t drive that fast. The best thing was that police stopped me, and the nightmare ended.” Powell went on to say, “I will never do that again.  I’m very fortunate that I didn’t kill anybody or myself. I learned a lot from that.”

A Union Police officer clocked her lead-footing it at 102 MPH and managed to catch her before she got into an accident or worse.  When the officer asked Miss Sandra if she knew how fast she was going in a 45MPH zone she stated that she did and that she was late for her hair appointment.  I think it can be difficult being a cop sometimes. Here is the video from the hot pursuit:

You can tell that Miss Sandra certainly was disoriented during the arrest and that the officer was kind of blown away at her hair appointment excuse.  It looks like Miss Sandra might have had a good medical reason for the situation.  Her family posted bail and took her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a kidney infection.  The doctor told her that the infection might have been responsible for the disorientation. 

We are glad you are doing fine now Miss Sandra and maybe someone will be nice and get you a GPS or maybe drive you to your hair appointment next time.