Street Outlaws New Orleans featuring Kye Kelley to premiere in February

Kye Kelley Street Outlaws New Orleans

Discovery’s street racing reality series Street Outlaws is the number one rated non-sports show for men on Monday nights–and the network ha just announced it will be expanding the franchise outside the 405 and down to New Orleans for a brand new spin-off series premiering in February!

Street Outlaws: New Orleans will premiere Monday, February 22 at 9/8c and, according to the network’s press release, it “follows a motley crew of street racers in The Big Easy as they band together to prove they are the nation’s fastest.”

Kye Kelley

One member of this “fledgling crew” is no stranger to Street Outlaws fans, and has already proven he is one of “the nation’s fastest.” Fans will recall Mississippi’s Kye Kelley (photo above) and his 1992 Camaro,  “The Shocker,” from his dominating first-place performances at the winner-take-all “Cash Days” and “Mega Cash Days” events.

Here’s a video clip of one of the epic showdowns between Kye Kelley and Big Chief:

“In addition to keeping his crown, Kelley wants to put The Big Easy on the map for street racing,” reads the release. “Rallying a team of New Orleans racers will prove to be a challenge with high stakes, bigger battles, more smack talk and faster cars than this city’s ever seen.”

Here’s a sexy centerfold-worthy photo of Kye’s Camaro The Shocker:

Kye Kelley The Shocker drag racer

Despite his rivalry with the 405 — and with Big Chief specifically — when Big Chief totaled The Crow in a terrifying accident earlier this year, Kye took to Facebook to put a halt to fans using the crash as a reason to taunt Big Chief with Kye-themed memes:


I hope no one takes this in the wrong way, but I’m asking for everyone to please stop making memes about Justin Shearer that involve me or The Shocker… As a racer my heart truly goes out to him, his family, and his car! I sit here and I put myself in his situation and it sends chills down my back to a point of feeling nauseous…. This could have been me!!!!! It takes huge balls to strap yourself in a 1500 to 2500 horsepower car, talk sh!t, build confidence and force that b!tch down a road!! I have been sideways, I’ve changed lanes, I’ve hit curbs, I’ve ripped my front Clip off, I’ve spun around backwards going over 150 mph, but the one thing I haven’t done is total my car out and I can’t even imagine having the funds or the time or even the thought of replacing a car that I love like a family member!!! I wish Chief the best of luck and my heart truly is hurt for his loss and will pray that the Stars line up in his favor for a speedy recovery and a new Crow!!!


In case you missed it, Big Chief has already unveiled his new Crow, named the Crowmod! So, that means the memes can continue, right Kye? Like this one from your Instagram prior to Big Chief’s crash:

As I mentioned above, Street Outlaws: New Orleans premieres Monday, February 22 at 9/8c on Discovery.

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