Why hasn’t Jenelle Eason been arrested after road rage incident? Police cite conflicting reports

Jenelle Evans road rage yelling on the phone

It has been over a week since Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason was involved in a road rage incident in which she followed a man home and, according to one witness, pulled a gun before crashing into a vehicle and knocking over three mailboxes while leaving the scene. So why hasn’t the reality star been arrested? Brunswick County Police addressed that question with local news agency WWAY.

From WWAY:

As far as the alleged report of a gun and whether Evans should have been charged, the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office said if an officer did not witness it and if there is no evidence to support those claims, then likely an officer could not swear out a warrant, because he wouldn’t be able to swear it happened.

The alleged victim would have likely been advised of his right to swear out a warrant.

In addition to the conflicting reports about whether or not Jenelle had a gun, there are also multiple accounts of Jenelle’s collision with another vehicle and the multiple mailboxes. “There are two NCHP reports,” says WWAY. “In one, it says Evans was backing out onto Supply St. when she ran off the road and struck a mailbox. The other report says one driver was heading west on Supply Street and Evans was driving south when they collided. The state trooper said in the report with the collision that due to conflicting stories and lack of physical evidence, he could not determine fault in the crash.”

WWAY also shared an extended version of Jenelle’s 911 call, which includes some audio not included in the recording previously released:

Radar Online actually spoke with the other driver involved in the incident, and he says that he never actually saw Jenelle with a gun. The man describes Jenelle’s erratic driving before talking about how she followed him home. “She drove down my dirt road, way down in the woods to my house. I didn’t know who was inside the car at the time. It could have been a carload of guys…the windows were tinted,” he says.

The man says that on his way back to his home he called his family and warned them that there was someone following him home. “We didn’t know and we had to treat it for the worst possible situation,” the man says. “My son was outside waiting in an azalea bush, he was armed, my wife was pulling in, she was armed, my cousin was out there and they were armed.”

According to him, Jenelle pulled up and rolled down her tinted window and began yelling. He says she wanted them to know that she was being filmed and everything had been caught on camera. The man says that he never saw a weapon, but says that Jenelle “was purposely hiding something behind her phone. I couldn’t see what it was, I couldn’t see nothing but a set of hands.”

It was the man’s cousin, who he says is a law enforcement officer, who claims to have seen a weapon. “If she brandished a firearm she wouldn’t be here today,” the man asserts. “The best thing she ever done was not show us the gun. If she pulled that gun out she wouldn’t have made it. She don’t know how close she came to getting shot!”

Jenelle Evans gun

The man says he spoke with officers who informed him that Jenelle claims she followed him to his home after she called her husband David Eason and he told her to do it. The man was asked if he was concerned about any retaliatory actions by David (i.e. having his street filled with uppercut), but the man was not worried. “We done took measures, if that son of a gun comes in here he won’t make it out,” he boasted. “And you can come film that.”

It’s important to note that there may still be an arrest made eventually, but law enforcement will need to investigate and determine which account of the incident is more accurate. The GoPro cameras mounted in Jenelle’s vehicle were reportedly filming at the time, so I assume everything will become a lot more clear once police are able to see that footage.

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