Nathan Griffith homeless, asking IG followers for a place to stay, says his new wife is ‘psycho’

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle's ex Nathan Griffith homeless

Former Teen Mom 2 star Nathan Griffith is posting on Instagram looking for someone in the Miami area to give him a place to stay for “a couple nights until I can figure out all my problems.”

“Is there anywhere I can stay?” Nathan asked in a text graphic posted in his Instagram stories late Sunday night/early Monday morning. “I wanna get out of Miami and I’m in my car with all my stuff! I have no where to stay!”

Nathan then revealed that his current homeless state is tied directly to some problems with his new spouse, Mayra Oyola. “My wife makes me feel I’m trapped,” Nathan wrote. “I’m reaching out to anyone. Can I stay with you for a couple nights until I can figure out all my problems!”

Amazingly, no one seemed willing to give Jenelle Eason’s ex-husband, who has multiple arrests and restraining orders, a free place to stay for the night. As a result, humanity really let Nathan down.

“So, as I expected… no one was up to the challenge,” Nate lamented in a follow-up Instagram story post. “I am desperate in need. People said I could stay but not tonight. I am sleeping in my car! My wife is completely pyscho. I am trying to leave but no one will help a man in need! This is society!”

Nathan seems to forget his own sermon about “proverty” and how taking handouts from others will make you oppressed. Here’s part of a fable shared by Nathan in October of 2020 about a hungry cat that used to come to his door daily for food:

One day I decided to leave. After three years of feeding this cat, it came to the same door. There was no food.

The next day, that cat came to the same door. There was no food.

And I will reiterate, the cat came to the door the next day. It had no food.

Because this is society right now. You give someone what they want that they don’t work for, they will never want to work. They will never want to leave because they are oppressed by the hand that is feeding them.

Nathan Says He Has Liver Cancer

UPDATE – After sharing the posts above looking for a place to stay, Nathan responded to those criticizing him by revealing that he has liver cancer.
“When I’m begging for help! Guess what?!? I have hepatocellular carcinoma…” Nathan wrote in another text graphic posted to his Instagram stories, “and my family doesn’t answer! So before you judge me… that’s my life!”

From The Mayo Clinic:

Hepatocellular carcinoma

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the most common type of primary liver cancer. Hepatocellular carcinoma occurs most often in people with chronic liver diseases, such as cirrhosis caused by hepatitis B or hepatitis C infection.

Nathan Griffith Got Married In April

In case you missed it, Nathan surprised the Teen Mom 2-niverse back in early May with he announced on Facebook that he had married his short-time girlfriend Mayra Oyola. Miami-Dade County records indicate that the couple filed for a marriage license on April 15 and made it official by getting married on April 30.

Little is known about the latest Mrs. Griffith, other than the fact that she is from Argentina and has an Onlyfans account that Nathan liked to boast about. Here’s a photo of Nathan and Mayra together in happier times:

Nathan Griffith and wife Mayra Oyola

Mayra was technically Nathan’s second wife. His first wife was Alison Stevens, the mother of Nathan’s daughter Emory. Nathan and Jenelle were engaged, but never got married. He later got engaged to Ashley Lanhardt.

The last time we checked in on Nathan’s relationship status, he had left Ashley behind in Florida amid allegations of stalking another local woman. Nathan moved in with his mom in Tennessee and he was reportedly dating someone new.

I will leave you with Nathan’s most recent bit of wisdom that he posted on Instagram just before announcing he needed a place to stay. In the video, Nathan points out that you can never be right:

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