Corey Simms of Teen Mom 2 has a song written about his hat!

In a recent fantastic article by our crack Teen Mom specialist Asa, Teen Mom fans were provided a list of 5 hand-picked favorite inanimate objects from the shows.  Topping the list was Corey Simms’ monumentally weathered Mountaineer melon topper.  In many ways the camo West Virginia ball cap has come to symbolize the dedication and loyalty of the father of Teen Mom 2 Leah Messers’ beautiful twin daughters.

We’re a “Team Leah And Corey” set all the way here at Starcasm and we were highly entertained by the following email we received from a reader who simply identified himself as a “Corey Simms Fan.”  He wrote:

“Caught your article on Corey’s old hat and thought you might like this.  I’ve had a few old hats that have meant alot to me but they ain’t been through what that old beat down WV one has lately.  Hey at least this might give the fans of the show something to be angry at other than you guys!”

“Corey Simms Fan” then linked to the following YouTube upload and what we found is what has to be the only song dedicated to a Teen Mom object in existence.  Check it out!

“Corey Simms’ Hat”

Way up in Elkview, West Virginia
Where romance blooms and fades
Was a man by the name of Corey Simms
In love with a Teen Mom 2 babe

Her name it is Leah Messer
And they share 2 sweet little girls
But the biggest star there from Elkview
Is the baddest ol’ hat in the world

It’s a camo West Virginia ball cap
It’s as worn down and frayed as can be
It stays right there up on Simms’ dome
For the whole wide world to see

Well you just can’t question a man’s devotion
With a hat like that on his head
No he’s never seen with another
Probably sleeps with it all night in bed

Leah and Corey will be just fine
Cause the Mountaineer cap told me so
Just as long as they respect that old hat
Before it gets its own show

Now back in Elkview, West Virginia
There’s a family who knows where love’s at
With the two sweetest little daughters
And a camo West Virginia ball cap

Now we’ve seen Corey in another ball cap or two but when the going gets tough we know which one he reaches for.  Thanks to CoreySimmsFan for the fun song!

We opened up voting to see what you folks think is the best inanimate object from Teen Mom.  You can still get your vote on for that here.