Debz OG bff Courtland Rogers responds to Farrah Abraham calling him ‘unsafe for kids’ and a ‘habitual criminal’

Debra Danielsen Courtland Rogers Farrah Abraham

This week’s episode of Teen Mom OG featured one of the most surreal scenes in the franchise’s history when Farrah Abraham got a text from Jenelle Eason letting her know that Farrah’s mom, Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen, had invited Jenelle’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers to her wedding. Farrah was upset and did some serious trash talking about “habitual criminal” Courtland to her dad Michael and to Debra. That, in turn, upset Courtland and his wife Lindsey, who both took to Twitter to defend themselves and hurl unpleasantries back at Farrah.

There’s no other way to tell this story than with a complete recap, because if you missed the episode, you won’t have a clue what the heck Courtland is so upset about. If you did watch the episode and don’t want to relive Farrah’s smack talking, you can scroll on down for Courtland and Lindsey’s reactions.

It all started with Farrah’s very first scene in the episode in which she is talking with her dad Michael. “When we got back from Italy, Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 reached out and told me that one of her exes is invited to my mom’s wedding,” Farrah says. “She for some reason texted me that Courtland is going to my mom’s wedding.”

Teen Mom Frarah Abraham with dad Michael Abraham shocked

Michael seems perplexed by the notion. “Where’d she meet him from? Where did she meet this person?”

Farrah continues on about her message from Jenelle. “But she was like, ‘Courtland is a criminal, this, this, this, and this.'”

At this point MTV blurs the space/time continuum and shows an extended clip from Teen Mom 2 in which Jenelle talks to a gal pal about her whirlwind courtship (Courtlandship?), marriage, and arrest with Courtland. I should note that Jenelle’s relationship and marriage with Courtland apparently came and went during the Teen Mom 2 filming “off season,” so viewers never really got to see much of him on the show.

Eventually we are back in Austin with Farrah, Michael, Sophia, a cute Pomeranian, some chickens, and a miniature horse. “Jenelle obviously feels that there’s an issue there, that’s why she contacted you,” Michael says. “I mean, your mom has a sweepstakes, is going to invite fans, blah blah-blah blah-blah,” he adds as he waves his arms around. He is, of course, referencing the fact that Debra had a social media contest for her fans and gave away wedding invitations as a prize.

Michael then brings up the fact that Farrah’s Teen Mom OG co-star (and Teen Mom Reunion Brawl adversary) Amber Portwood was also invited to attend. He concludes by saying that these unexpected wedding invitations by Debra are “all about attention.”

“I think that’s pathetic,” says Farrah, “and that’s not what a wedding’s about. I mean, honestly whatever she wants her wedding to be — which is a three-ring circus — I’ll send a clown, but, like, I’m not going to be there or my daughter. And I don’t want to be around anyone who is an issue.”

Farrah continues: “I’m not even a criminal, but I have people who try to condemn me or make me out to be a bad person every day, so if anyone understands, it’s me, but and now, from what Jenelle is telling me, horrible — horribleness, I don’t think that person’s changed and I still think she’s in denial about that.”

“But why does he have to be there?” Michael asks, still perplexed. “He’s no friend of hers.”

It’s clear at this point that Farrah is not a fan of Courtland, but what she had to say about him specifically was relatively tame and mostly referenced what Jenelle had told her about him.

Later in the episode, Farrah calls her mom Debra on Facetime and confronts her about inviting Courtland. I will step out of the way and present their conversation with only a couple superfluous sentences edited out.

Farrah Abraham Courtland Rogers quote

FARRAH: So I was just wondering what was going on with you inviting someone who Jenelle has been married to who’s a habitual criminal, unsafe for kids, and you’re having that around your grandkids, basically?

DEBRA: Well, first of all Farrah, God sees all of us the same way, and if somebody has changed their life and if somebody’s a good person, then nobody can condemn or judge anybody, just like —

FARRAH: You know what, mom? I’m not even a f**king criminal and I changed my life probably so much more than anyone I’ve ever seen changes theirs, but hell, criminals still condemn me f**king every day and act like they’re more of your best friend than I’ve ever seen. I mean, I’ve been just seeing such fake behavior that I think that’s what criminals are good at, faking behavior — and then showing up at your wedding.

DEBRA: You know what? Anybody who has to call other people criminals are nothing but afraid of facing reality that everybody sins.

FARRAH: Mom, did you know that they’re warning you and protecting you because they’ve had some horrific experiences?

DEBRA: Well guess what? I have two armed security people on hand. They’ll make sure nobody’s gonna be having any problems. This is a safe zone, and it’s gonna be safe.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham un-confuse your brain quote

FARRAH: So mom, why don’t you shut up so you can un-confuse your brain?

DEBRA: I’m trying to straighten you out on it!

FARRAH: You’re not straightening anyone out. You need to straighten your own self out.

DEBRA: I have nothing against anybody. I like Jenelle. I believe in Jenelle.

FARRAH: Oh, so why didn’t you invite Jenelle to your wedding then?

***Debra says nothing as music begins to play***

FARRAH: Oh, it went silent. It went silent ’cause you’re just — you gotta go plan this s**t.

You will notice that Farrah stepped up her criticism of Courtland from the very beginning of her conversation with Debra, referring to him as a “habitual criminal” who is “unsafe for kids.” It was this scene that really set Courtland and his wife Lindsey off.

Courtland not only goes after Farrah — as an adult film star, a bad parent, a person with a DUI arrest, and someone who admitted to drug abuse in her book — but he also talks at length about his friendship with Debra, which has apparently been a thing for a while. I’m going to let Courtland and Lindsey speak for themselves. I have trimmed some tweets, and I’m sure there were some that were deleted before I could grab them, but I think you will have to agree that there is still plenty enough here to get an accurate feel for their thoughts about Farrah. I’ve grouped them together with a batch of Courtland’s tweets followed by some of Lindsey’s, and concluding with more of Courtland’s.

I will kick things off with Courtland’s tweet and Debra’s response from way back in September when he revealed that he was invited to her wedding:

Courtland Rogers Debra Danielsen wedding invitation tweet


When did u ever meet me in person? How the HELL do u know who I am or have ANYYY RIGHT to say ANYTHING about me? I can hear it now “he’s just tryin to stay relevant” ?‍♂️ ur blind! ur mom HAS BEEN a FRIEND OF MINE FOR THE LONGEST! LET HER LIVE HER LIFE #UnlikeHowURunurkids

No it was a long story about coming friends w/Deb! crazy how people can b brought in someones life like the way she was brought into mine & she has been there & stayed in touch checkin in on me like a mom for a few years now! NEVER ANYTHING CRAZY! Just a mothers love and advice?

That’s all Deb and i’s relationship is and all it ever has been but she is a AWESOME SOUL and somehow we got brought into each other’s lives thru a Facebook teen mom page that followed both of us or something I don’t honestly remember the exact way maybe she would let u kno tho

She has saved me many times with grateful words of encouragement she has never lost faith in me!That’s somethin I wish ever1 in the world was able to do that’s what it’s really all about in life It’s NOT ABOUT JUDGIN A BOOK BY ITS COVER I MEAN IN THAT CASE WHAT WOULD I THINK OF U

I wish every1 could realize that lifes short! U honestly NEVER KNO IN TODAYS world what U got until it’s gone!Worry about your OWN LIFE&NOT any1 else’s! NOBODY has the right to judge a man by the fictional life in which over the years social media has created of the person im not

BECAUSE ONLY 9 people out of let’s see around 63.7K actually could even say they know ANYTHING about me at all anyway so I don’t care about what anyone says about COURTLAND ROGERS!My name dont mean anything to me like it does 2 yall! the difference is that that’s all y’all kno

IF 63.7K gave me a chance,leap of faith I will move mountains with that Sh*T ! the saddest part at the very end of the day is that I am actually a great guy even god knows who I was&who I am & I kno in my heart at the end of the day I did the right thing 2day&willsleepgreat2nite

Ok so I’m sorry all of those tweets were meant for whoever that fake account is that tweeted something that made me upset ? unfortunately it wouldn’t let me tag there name for some reason maybe it’s for the best tho I’m done ?


Karma babygirl…go make more fake replicas of your stank pu**y and butth*le that nobody wants …busted a** can’t even find a p*rn star that wants you…sh*t

Girl you’re deep down mad that even your own mother treats everyone better than you!!! Respect yourself and others and sh*t will change…you have no room to open that plastic fake mouth! Your daughter acting just like you…I’d be embarrassed poor Debra

Oh and @F1abraham why you so concerned with my man…that came out of nowhere huh lol you try to act “classier” or “better” than you actually are! We both know the truth ?

Just watched lol I tell ya how many years has it been and the b*tch [Jenelle] still can’t keep my husbands name out her mouth!! Trying to make him look bad if y’all really knew…she’s worse than all the stuff you read on here!

She needs to keep that flap closed! She sent him away for 2yrs and it was HER DRUGS…she’s got more issues than y’all know and yet STILL texting and reaching out and trying to make him look bad to whoever she she’s so jealous she don’t know what to do

Don’t push me over my limit cuz remember sweetie you were married to him and now I am so I know all your secrets so keep my mans name out of your lying a** mouth and worry bout your own sh*t you got going on

And the other chic like I said she’s got no room to talk..mtv don’t want her not even the sex industry she’s just stuck in a contract once her sh*t is stretched to the max they’ll cut her loose too!

She’s a scared little girl that likes to run her mouth when there’s security around! Amber would’ve whooped that a** on the reunion and she knows it! I’m done it’s like the whole episode she’s talking about him

Farrah Abraham following Courtland Rogers


FOR THE RECORD I AM NOT A CRIMINAL!! Ima Recovering Addict that’s not scared to admit my flaws! YES I was a junkie yes I hurt myself and my family but NO I AM NOT THAT PERSON ANYMORE I have did my time I have took my bruises took my lumps fell down&I got right back up so??

Why did u spend YOUR WHOLE EPISODE TALKING ABOUT ME AND MY LIFE ? now I have to ask… what makes u better than me?? U let MY EX WIFE WHICH DESTROYED MY LIFE BRAINWASH U INTO BELIEVING THAT I AM SUCH A HORRIBLE PERSON & u put me down to the whole world based on her theory??

Im so tired of FAKE!! like ur butt & ur cheeks & ur boobs & ur crappy p*rno? & ur thoughts & ur smile & ur heart & ur mothering skills & ur acting career & ur friends & ur teeth & ur thought on life & ur Point Of view on someone else u have never met!! I am so TIRED OF FAKE ??

TWEETER: Who’s this?

COURTLAND KEITH ROGERS! the guy WHO WENT TO PRISON FOR 2 YEARS cause his Xwife LET HIM take HER DOPE charge causing him to Ruin his name & b classified as a criminal when HE PAID HER debt2society DEDICATING 2 YEARS N PRISON 4 something SHE WAS GUILTY OF NOW HES THE BAD GUY! ?

TWEETER: Farrah was locked up for a DUI and a drug addict. How she going to call someone else a criminal!? ?

That’s what I thought and not only call someone else a criminal but SPENDING HER WHOLE EPISODE CRITICIZING ME LIKE THAT when she HAS GOTTEN A DUI & OTHER CHARGES and all cause she’s MAD that the whole WORLD knows that Her dumba** SOLD HER SOUL TO THE DEVIL in that RIDICULOUS P0RN

I lost 2 years that I will NEVER GET BACK due to the thought that I was doing the right thing keeping my ex wife out of PRISON & AWAY from that lifestyle in which SHE WOULD OF BEEN a part of IF I DIDN’T say that something that wasn’t mine indeed was!! FACTS! And still NO RESPECT?

I have Nothing else to say about any of this FAKE SOCIAL MEDIA he said she said BUT NOBODY KNOWS THE TRUTH GARBAGE!! I’m having to stand up for myself from someone who sold their soul 2 the devil in a An*l p*rn that more than 75% of the world laughs at?? how does that make sense?

I am a threat around kids?? Who in the ____ ! U got Skeeted on infront of the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee entire WORLD ? and sold your soul to the devil himself!! You live a fake life it’s all like one big dream to u or something!! Wake uP it’s 2018 don’t u have a fake life to live?

Do u know how it feels to have your 10 year old niece call u and tell u that some girl on TV that she is watching is talking about her uncle Court and it isn’t nice? 4 me 2 go on social media&find out what’s going on & see for myself that my niece really did have2witness this ?

It’s everywhere I go in any town in any state I am NOT FAMOUS ya kno?? It’s the same questions everywhere I go and it’s just to much I just want to b able to put the tv on no matter what channel and enjoy it not watch it &hear some false allegations about me that are just stupid

TWEETER: Don’t you have coattails you need to ride? #GTFO

Coattails? I don’t get it !!! And maybe if u weren’t so obsessed with teen mom sh*t u would live and let live and realize that u don’t know ANYTHING REAL ABOUT ME OR THEM ONLY WHAT TV WANTS U TO SEE AND WANTS U TO LEARN WHICH IS EVERYTHING BUT THE TRUTH!! The truth doesn’t sale!

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