Teen Mom 2 Jonathan ‘Jo’ Rivera mug shot photos for marijuana arrest

Teen Mom 2 Kaily Lowry baby daddy Jo Rivera mug shot

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy Jonathan “Jo” Rivera was arrested on February 13 for suspicion of being under the influence of marijuana after the car his brother Edward was driving was stopped by Lopatcong Township Police because of sparks coming from underneath the car. (You can read all about the incident HERE)

It took a little while but Jo Rivera’s mug shots from the incident have finally surfaced! Above is Jo from straight on and here’s his profile:

Teen Mom 2 Jonathan Jo Rivera booking photo mug shot

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The arrest was late in the evening on the 13th which means Jo Rivera might have kicked off his Valentine’s Day behind bars. Of course, it could all have been a publicity stunt to help jump start his rap career!

Photo: SplashNews.com