YOUTUBE What happened to Nikocado Avocado? Is he ok?

Over the past few years, a YouTuber known as Nikocado Avocado has gained attention for eating massive quantities of fast food sometimes multiple times a day. Now, viewers are worried about the state of his physical and mental health as he hasn’t posted on any social media in a week.

“My mental health is not good,” Nikocado repeats over and over while mindlessly stuffing french fries in his mouth in the last video he posted. Often Nikocado plays up the dramatics through over-the-top comedy skits, but in this video he seems extremely depressed and morose.

Although Nikocado is often playing a character on his channel, garnering negative attention with various antics, the consequences of his rapid weight gain are very real.

Nikocado started out on YouTube as a raw vegan, but his career didn’t fully take off until he started eating fast food and broadcasting emotional outbursts.

Eventually, he combined excessive eating with crying, screaming, and other antics, including staged fights with his husband Orlin Home. Nikocado often has moments of sincerity as well where he opens up about mental health struggles.

Nikocado has stated multiple times since he started fast food mukbangs that his grand plan was to stop mukbangs after he turned 30 years old, which he did in May 2022. He kept posting for a couple of months after his birthday, but he still may have quit on or around his birthday but still had a backlog of videos to upload.

Unfortunately, it’s currently unknown how Nikocado Avocado is doing in his social media absence, as there have been no updates from him or anyone close to him.

An Instagram account claiming to be his husband Orlin Home posted a text message claiming that they are getting divorced, but it has been confirmed by Orlin’s supposed real Instagram account that this is a fake account. CLICK HERE to read more about Orlin’s messages to the public and the history of Orlin and Nick’s relationship.

UPDATE: Nikocado has said in videos on his Patreon that he may leave social media to shoot a TV show to document his weight loss and road to a more healthy state.

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