Lala Kent confirms she is leaving Vanderpump Rules in true Lala Kent fashion

Lala Kent leaving Vanderump Rules tweet

We have some sad news to report for fans (like us) of polarizing entertainment wellsprings: Lala Kent has officially announced she is not returning for Vanderpump Rules Season 5. And, of course, the announcement came in the form of a snarky Twitter retort:

Lala later followed up her #ThanksBitch departure announcement with a slightly more formalized version, in which she clarifies that she was not fired, but chose to leave the show:

However, Laladdicts may not have to quit cold turkey. Her rep had earlier stated that “Lala is part of Season 5,” and added: “To what extent is still unknown due to other opportunities she has decided to take advantage of.”

Also unknown are the “other opportunities” that Lala Kent has decided to take advantage of. We can only hope she is getting her own spin-off series titled Lala Land. 😉

UPDATE – Lala seems to maybe agree about the spin-off idea, albeit on a new network:

UPDATE – Lala shared a screen cap of part of this post on Instagram and captioned it with a big “thank you” to her fans:

* Lala has since deleted her photo, but here is her appreciative caption:

I love you all and thank you all. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of love I gained from such sweet people in such a short period of time. The fan base I have has kept me on cloud 9. Stay tuned for Lala’s next move.

[If you are curious about Lala’s bare-chested attire in the photo at the top of this post, click here to see more and find out whose chest she stole!]

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