Dual Survival Season Seven update: Grady Powell meets with Matt Graham as new host controversy continues

Dual Survival Season Seven update 3

The latest Dual Survival Season Seven update sees the popular Discovery franchise continuing to deal with the fallout from its surreptitious replacement of Joe Teti and Matt Graham, the hugely popular hosts from Dual Survival Season Six. It looks like plugged-in co-host Grady Powell is starting to win a considerable number of fans, though, as the second episode of the new season gets set to air–in part because of his easygoing, fan-centered approach–and a recent meetup with Matt Graham himself!

Though there’s been at least one Dual Survival Season Seven update regarding Matt and Joe’s departure, former host Joe Teti took it upon himself to address some of his fans’ questions (and concerns) during a recent Q&A on his Facebook page. Joe was gracious regarding new hosts Grady Powell and Bill McConnell, urging fans of the show to give the two new guys a chance and reminding everyone how difficult it is to film Dual Survival in the first place.

Nonetheless, some of the show’s more ardent fans have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations:

Grady Powell, undeterred, took to his Facebook page to simultaneously welcome fans who were hearing about him for the first time, and ask for his own welcome into the Dual Survival fold:


For those of you who are new to the crew, first of all… WELCOME!
Discovery posted a pretty good bio if you’re interested. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
I know Dual has some controversy surrounding it, and a lot of strong opinions about past cast. I just hope that with this new season, those of you who have qualms with the show, or are upset with the changes… please just give Bill and I a chance, if you don’t like what you see, I apologize, I think Honey BooBoo could use a few more viewers. But just give us a chance.
Would love to get to know and become part of the Dual Family.


Dual Survival Season Seven update 2

Speaking of Grady: in perhaps the silliest Dual Survival Season Seven update (or “subplot,” if you like), the host’s somewhat controversial Man Bun is gone. Grady debuted his freshly shorn look this week, at the ShotShow Expo in Las Vegas:

And the Gradester himself took to Instagram to post a couple of updates featuring his new look… 

@krissanne is such a trooper! Put up with her first event with me. Gotta lover her. @shotshow @triumphsystems A photo posted by grady powell (@gradypowell) on

…and to share one very special missive featuring his meetup with Matt Graham himself:

FINALLY got to meet #MattGraham at #shotshow what a wonderful human being. @discoverychannel @dual_survival A photo posted by grady powell (@gradypowell) on

As for the show itself, Discovery has just released a brand-new preview for tonight’s episode, which features a couple of particularly harrowing rainforest escapades:

All New Dual SurvivalNext Wednesday, if there’s no fire, it’s game over.

Posted by Dual Survival on Monday, January 18, 2016

You can catch the newest episodes of Dual Survival at 9 PM EST on Discovery.

(Photo credits: Dual Survival Season Seven update via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

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