VIDEO People are already losing their minds over ‘Wonder Woman’

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

DC gave fans the first longed-for glimpse of the Wonder Woman movie yesterday, and the internet is already going ga-ga for Gal Gadot’s Amazon demigoddess.

First, check out the sneak peek of the “feminist cultural icon” and her story below:

According to Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics, Wonder Woman “is the best fighter in the DC universe. She has strength and speed and she’s been training her whole life for war.” Move over, Batman and Superman — there’s a new superhero in town!

Johns also promised things we’ve “never seen” on film before:


Wonder Woman’s like one of the greatest superheroes out there, but people don’t know her origins like they know Superman’s origin and Batman’s origin. So, what we want to do in the film is really tell people who she is, where she comes from and why she does what she does.


For the uninitiated, the movie will explain Wonder Woman’s mythological Amazonian background (she’s Zeus’s daughter!) and how she differs from the more shoot-em-up antics of her male DC teammates. According to Johns:


These Amazons were once created to protect man’s world, but they’ve since abandoned it. Diana is asking constantly, ‘Why don’t we go do and created to do and protect man?’ They say, ‘Because they’re not worth it.’ And this takes her on a journey into our world…She stands for equality, and that’s really important. I think that’s why people love the character.


Gal Gadot promises “We’re going to see her coming of age, the entire history, what’s her mission.”

Director Ava DuVernay, who was originally connected to Marvel’s Black Panther movie but passed due to the delightfully vague “We had different ideas,” is totally stoked about Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenks:

She’s in good company, as fans have already been lighting up the social media sphere with excitement:

Comic book writer Gail Simone took the opportunity to post an entire litany of Wonder Woman tweets–and does she ever have opinions on the subject:

If June 23, 2017 seems too far away, don’t worry: we’ll get our first glimpse of Wonder Woman on March 25 in the long-awaited Zack Synder flick Batman v Superman:

(Photo credit: Wonder Woman on Twitter)

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