TEEN MOM Kayla on ‘domestic violence stuff’ with Stephan: she got bruises & he damaged her car prior to restraining order

Kayla Sessler and Stephan Alexander

As we exclusively revealed last week, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Kayla Sessler took out a protective order against her son Izaiah’s dad Stephan Alexander earlier this year, and now she is opening up a bit about what motivated her to file for the order.

Kayla spoke with Radar Online and says that “domestic violence stuff” happened between her and Stephan prior to the filing. “My friend called the police on him,” Kayla says. “He ended up not getting arrested because police said they did not have enough evidence even though I had bruises on me. My car was also messed up because he dented it.”

As we previously reported, Kayla has moved on with her new man Luke, and things seem to be going great for the couple! “Izaiah adores him,” Kayla says. “He’s not trying to take Stephan’s place, but he’s going to step up where Stephan isn’t.”

Meanwhile, Kayla says that after she started dating Luke, Stephan began to take a step back as far as being a part of Kayla’s or his son’s life. “Stephan and I have no relationship,” Kayla says. “He doesn’t see Izaiah.”

Although he doesn’t see Izaiah, Stephan apparently does see another girl! A follower of Kayla’s on Twitter shared two photos of Stephan with a young woman celebrating her birthday and openly expressed her anger and frustration. “I guess she didn’t care that he beat Kayla,” the person tweeted along with the photos. “? really sad she will probably go through it next.”

Kayla responded by revealing that the girl with Stephan in the photo was reportedly a witness to the abuse! “Crazy because she was there when it happened and saw the whole thing ?,” Kayla replied.

Here’s a screen cap of the interaction with the young woman’s face edited out:

Teen Mom Kayla Sessler Stephan's rumored new girlfriend tweet

Kayla’s Young and Pregnant co-star Ashley Jones responded by showing support for Kayla at the expense of the girl in the photos. “Yikes lol extreme downgrade,” Ashley wrote, adding a string of ??? emoji.

“He downgraded and I upgraded ??‍♀️,” Kayla observed. “We both have people on our level now ?‼️”

Of course, pretty much anything any Teen Mom says will draw a bit of criticism, and that was the case with Kayla’s comment:

TWEET: You can get on TV, get a new and better man, have a new life, and still think and talk about Stephan??? I know you better than this, stop letting the fame get to your head, without him you wouldn’t be where you are because all your attention is from the baby. Be smooth

KAYLA: I can talk as much sh*t as I want ?️? You have no idea what he put me through . I got here on my own all he did was donate some sperm

KAYLA: You all bashed me last season for not standing up for myself enough, but now that I’m speaking out I’m doing too much ???

You can watch all of the drama between Kayla and Stephan unfold, as well as the budding romance between Kayla and Luke, when Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant returns Monday night at 10/9c on MTV!

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