David and Jenelle Eason cleared of child abuse charges made by Nathan and his mom during the Kaiser custody standoff

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason has once again emerged completely unscathed from yet another investigation as she and her husband David Eason have reportedly been officially cleared of abuse allegations made by her ex Nathan Griffith and his mother Doris.

“Jenelle Evans has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing in a child abuse investigation,” TMZ reports. “We’ve learned the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office has just cleared both Jenelle and David of any impropriety.”

In case you missed it, Nathan and Doris reported the alleged allegations to authorities on July 1, and Doris refused to return Kaiser to Jenelle and David as scheduled because of it. Police elected to not force Doris’ hand initially, but Child Protective Services officials in Doris’ home county determined that there was not enough evidence to support the claims, so Doris was forced to return Kaiser on July 4 — an event live streamed by David. “F**king ugly b*tch,” David is heard calling Doris after he was reunited with Kaiser. “Try to take my kid from me again!” he exclaimed.

While Jenelle and David appeared to be in the clear in South Carolina, they were still under investigation in their home county in North Carolina. That is the investigation that reportedly just wrapped up.

The latest round of abuse allegations stem from bruising found on Kaiser when he was returned to Doris from Jenelle and Nathan’s care. Jenelle made no attempt to deny that Kasier had bruising, but she flip flopped a bit with her explanation. From our previous post:

At the center of this controversy is the bruising found on Kaiser, which is something that Jenelle is not denying. Initial reports indicated that she told police that Kaiser got the bruise(s) while playing on David’s boat, but now she is stating that it happened while he was at daycare.

“There is not an emergency hearing,” Jenelle began a Facebook comment clarifying the situation. “There’s an investigation based off a bruise from a water slide on water day confirmed by his daycare. Don’t want to hear it.” …

“When Kaiser is at home he’s go-karting, dirt biking, 4 wheeling, zip lining, jumping off our waterfall spa into the pool,” Jenelle continues. “He’s fearless and gets bruised from time to time. He has 9 acres of land to play on.”

It’s unclear at this time what the impact of Nathan and Doris’ allegations and withholding of Kaiser will be on their custody arrangement — if any. Either way, Nathan has indicated numerous times that he will continue to fight to get Kaiser away from Jenelle and David, and Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans has indicated that she will offer whatever help she can provide to that end.

Here is a timeline of links during the time that Doris was withholding custody of Kaiser, with additional details about the allegations and drama surrounding the incident:

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