REPORT Nathan Griffith’s mom Doris refuses to return Kaiser to Jenelle

Jenelle Eason and Nathan Griffith's mom Doris Davidson battle for custody of Kaiser

The Teen Mom 2-niverse is all abuzz after it was reported online that Nathan Griffith’s mother Doris refused to return her grandson Kaiser to Jenelle Eason on Sunday, even after police got involved!

These kinds of rumors get started all the time on social media, but this one has an added air of legitimacy given that it was originally posted by the same Instagram account that recently leaked the inspection report (complete with photos) for Jenelle and David Eason’s home conducted by Christopher Holmes P.E. & Associates, Inc.

UPDATE – The reports have since been confirmed! Click here for all the latest!

@deadbeatmom_jenelle shared an abstract two-tone gradient image Sunday night and wrote: “Nathan’s mom is currently keeping Kaiser from Jenelle. She is not giving him back today as ordered.”

The comments section quickly filled with people wanting additional information, and others calling the validity of the post into question. “This is why I share old documents and old pictures,” the account responded. “I wanted to establish credibility so that when I tell you the cops are at the house with Nathan and Doris and Jenelle, you’ll know I’m telling the truth.”

Nathan’s “brother from another mother” Josh Friedman also seemed to suggest something major was happening when he tweeted and deleted “Someone grab me some popcorn.” A follower replied: “Operation repo round 2???” Josh answered: “Operation save Baby Kai.” (Josh would later share a tweet implying that he is not behind the @deadbeatmom_jenelle Instagram account.)

The person who runs the @FUNB18 Twitter account posted a screen capped direct message asking the Deadbeatmom account if the police were at Jenelle’s house or at Doris’ house. “Nathan’s mom,” was the response in the screen cap. “Cops have left, Kaiser is still at Nathan’s moms house.”

The Twitter account mentions another DM conversation that was not with the Deadbeat account. “Someone in my DM’s just told me that Jenelle will hafta go to court in the morning (since the cops left Kaiser with Doris tonight) & that whatever happened is something serious.” The account added in a separate tweet: “ALSO, that it is CPS’ decision to not give Kaiser back, not the police. ???????”

When asked about the source, the account replied that “the person who gave me this info??, here on twitter, is definitely NOT Joan & not the deadbeat acct. and I trust this person implicitly.”

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UPDATE – The Deadbeatmom account posted and deleted two video clips in which Kaiser is asked about “marks” on his butt. It’s unclear when the videos were taken.

* We initially shared one of the clips here, but given Nathan’s reaction, we have elected to remove it.

Nathan was not happy about the videos being released:

UPDATE – Radar Online confirms that there was a 911 call placed from Jenelle’s home at 1:22 PM on Sunday. “Jenelle is enraged,” a source told Radar. “She’s trying to go to court this morning.”

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Kaiser celebrated his fourth birthday with his mom Jenelle Eason on Thursday, and then continued the festivities with his dad Nathan Griffith and Nathan’s girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt over the weekend. Ashley posted numerous photos of Kaiser, who seemed to really enjoy his comic book themed birthday cake:

Jenelle Eason's son Kaiser 4th birthday with dad Nathan Griffith

So far, there has been no response from Jenelle on social media, which seems to give more credence to the report given how quickly Jenelle usually responds to these types of reports when they aren’t easily proven one way or the other. (Clearly, if the report is true, then it will all come out on Monday.)

In addition, as the @FUNB18 account points out, if Jenelle really does have to go to court tomorrow over some sort of serious issue that has CPS genuinely concerned, then she must know that talking sh*t on social media would not help her in the least.

David Eason has also remained quiet.

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