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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason is still without her son Kaiser after his grandmother Doris Davidson refused to return him to Jenelle during their scheduled drop off on Sunday due to alleged bruising found on the four-year-old. As you would imagine, there have been numerous updates on the situation over the past 24 hours from just about every party involved, and we have a relatively complete recap to get you all caught up.


First, Jenelle spoke with Radar Online and stated simply “I’m not OK” in response to being asked how she is doing. “Everyone else in the house is fine,” she said. “Jace is not being kept from me, nor are any of the other kids.”

Jenelle also said that she has the support of her mother, Barbara Evans: “My mom doesn’t understand why everyone can’t get along.”

Jenelle plans to take the matter before a judge, but according to numerous reports, that has yet to happen. And, of course, the Fourth of July holiday is sure to make a quick hearing that much more difficult. Even so, Jenelle’s husband David Eason appears to remain optimistic that there will be a quick resolution.

On Tuesday morning, David commented on a photo of Kaiser’s Father’s Day questionnaire and — after throwing shade at Nathan — he said of Kaiser’s imminent return that he “cant wait to get you back today or tomorrow!”

Here’s the full caption:

I love you allllll to the moon to back Bubba! I felt bad Kaiser Griffith put my name on the fathers day gift but they said he wouldn’t budge about it all week and wouldn’t have it any other way. Nobody will come between the bond we have and cant wait to get you back today or tomorrow!

Jenelle seemed to remain optimistic as well. Just like David, she began with a bit of shade as she posted the following on Facebook: “Drop your kid off, then go drink. That’s what you do best. ??” A commenter assured Jenelle that she is a “great mom,” and Jenelle responded: “It’s ok, he will be home soon.”

Jenelle Eason responds to Kaiser and Doris incident

David shared a video clip on Instagram showing Kaiser dancing on a boat, and referred to him as “a bruiser” while not-so-subtly providing an explanation for the bruising:

David also started a Kaiser birthday party p*ssing match with Nathan by suggesting the one he and Jenelle threw was much better because it was less raucous. “I’m so glad Kaiser had a great birthday party with us because there was a lot of fighting and drinking at his dad’s bday party!” David wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Nathan Griffith has been sharing his reactions to the situation on Twitter. He began with a video and photo of Kaiser and seemed to be gloating that Kaiser was still with him:

Nathan then shared his thoughts in a series of tweets:

All I can say is, the fighting, unnecessary drama and strategic tactics of mind manipulation is only hurting the kids. I’ve asked, I’ve begged, I’ve pleaded just to get along with you and David. I will not allow myself and my children to be subjected to your charades and antics.

Last night I even cuddled with Kaiser and I said “hey, little guy. I know a lot of stuff is going through your head. It’s ok. Everything will be ok. And remember, mommy loves you very much.” I will tell everyone; a child’s mind is fragile, don’t mess it up. They’ll be messed up.

That’s the thing… that a lot of ppl don’t understand. I don’t care how much hate, anger or messed up the other parent is, do not denied them rights or influence their decision about the other parent… unless it’s for their protection.

Nathan’s girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt has decided to not take part in the social media political campaigning (for the most part) as she posted this message implying Jenelle is stalking her online before announcing she “will not be posting on instagram during this traumatic time.” Her full post:

Since someone is stalking, critiquing my page and harassing my family, I will not be posting on instagram during this traumatic time. Thank you to everyone who continues to keep us in their prayers.

At the center of this entire controversy is the bruising found on Kaiser, which is something that Jenelle is not denying. Initial reports indicated that she told police that Kaiser got the bruise(s) while playing on David’s boat, but now she is stating that it happened while he was at daycare.

“There is not an emergency hearing,” Jenelle began a Facebook comment clarifying the situation. “There’s an investigation based off a bruise from a water slide on water day confirmed by his daycare. Don’t want to hear it.” (As the @deadbeatmom_jenelle Instagram account that broke the story points out, Jenelle is technically correct in that there currently is not an emergency hearing, but numerous sources are reporting that Jenelle is working towards making one happen.)

“When Kaiser is at home he’s go-karting, dirt biking, 4 wheeling, zip lining, jumping off our waterfall spa into the pool,” Jenelle continues. “He’s fearless and gets bruised from time to time. He has 9 acres of land to play on.”

Nathan’s friend Ryan Dolph claims to have seen photos of Kaiser’s bruising, and he alleges that the four-year-old was beaten with a stick. Here are a series of tweets shared by Ryan:

there’s never been a time @GroundLevelUp stepped out of Kai life I recall when this f**k boy came around kai was with nate all the time at his apartment in myrtle

let me tell ya something if a mother f**ker beat my kid with a stick i’d kill that b!tch… David Eason I hope you rot in jail buddy your times coming

these pics i’m looking at right here don’t lie ain’t no getting out of this one tell that water slide bs to someone else water slides don’t leave line mark after line mark on a kids back and butt


TWEETER: He whooped a 4 year old with a switch?

this wasn’t a switch this was a stick the little boy has bruises and line marks on em

David Eason’s mother, Laura Eason, has been in the comments section of Jenelle and David’s Facebook posts defending her son:

LAURA: I love that and [Kaiser] loves David. David and all of us love him. I love walking in the door and he runs to me with a big hug and says I love you Mema. He loves his Mommie sooo much. I know he’s missing you and asking for you. He loves for you to kiss him good night…☹️❤️

COMMENTER: Do you call nearly pulling a childs arm out of it’s socket love? no that is abuse and we seen it with our own eyes so don’t try to deny it.

LAURA: David’s not violent and he would never hurt Kaiser or any child! Nathan will do and say anything to get air time! He’s a woman beater and a cheater! Everything he says is hearsay!

Never one to pass up on a publicity coin slot, Jenelle Eason’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers managed to get in on the conversation as well. He tweeted about bumping into Jenelle’s son at the store:

That should get everyone all caught up on the reactions from Jenelle’s personal life, but what about her professional life — aka MTV? As we previously reported, Jenelle is currently holding out on signing her contract to return for Teen Mom 2 Season 9 until MTV caves in to her demands to allow David on set while filming — even if he isn’t on screen. The network has been unwilling to budge, according to a production source for The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, but could that be changing soon?

“They were literally BEGGING Jenelle to film yesterday,” The Ashley’s source says. “The producers really want this Kaiser stuff included in the show. They keep telling her it’s part of ‘her story’ and she will get a chance to show her side of what’s happening but she still said no.”

Despite their desperation, MTV seems committed to keeping David away from the cameras and the crew — even if it means parting ways with the show’s biggest source of drama and headlines. “If Jenelle doesn’t sign, [the producers are] planning to just move forward without her because they’re not budging,” a behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley.

That pretty much does it for the recap.

UPDATE – Radar Online has since published Nathans 911 call. Here’s the audio:

If you are like many fans posting online and are wondering why CPS hasn’t done more in regards to Jenelle’s children, a former CPS employee from Texas shared an incredibly informative post about the situation on the r/TeenMom subreddit that should answer pretty much any question you have:

Thoughts on Kaiser’s current situation- from a former CPS worker from r/teenmom

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