VIDEO Jenelle gets Kaiser back, David Eason live streams the whole thing

Kaiser is back with Jenelle and David Eason

It has been a crazier week than usual for Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason, as she has spent the last few days desperately trying to get her four-year-old son Kaiser back from Nathan Griffith’s mother Doris Davidson, who refused to return him after finding bruises on his back. Jenelle’s battle ended Tuesday night, when she and husband David Eason arrived at Doris’ house and got Kaiser back following a Department of Social Services investigation.

David Eason live-streamed Kaiser’s return on Instagram, starting with Jenelle at Doris’ front door. David repeatedly asks “Where’s Nathan?” before revealing that Nathan was in Florida at the time of Jenelle’s surprise Tuesday night arrival.

As evidenced by numerous photos and videos, Nathan was in South Carolina for his scheduled time with Kaiser over the weekend, but he reportedly had to return to work where he is currently living in Florida. (It’s also been reported that he intended to return to South Carolina as soon as possible.)

“[Nathan] is in Florida,” David can be heard at the beginning of the clip below. “He ain’t here. Where’s Nathan? Where’s Nathan? If Nathan was in town…he’d be here with his son, but guess what? He’s not here with his son, he’s in Florida, cuz he don’t give a sh*t. If he was worried about something, he’d be here!”

David explains that if the situation were reversed, he would “not go no place.”

We then see Kaiser in the doorway as David begins to drop a series of affectations like “Awwwww,” “sweet baby,” etc.

Kaiser then runs out to hug David. “I missed you so much! I missed you so much!” David repeats. “I missed you, Bubba. Did you want to come home?” he asks Kaiser, who replies “Yeah!”

Jenelle joins them before David returns to face Doris, who is still in her doorway. “Bye Doris!” David taunts. “You’re so lovely!” Doris then instructs David to get off her property, and he mocks her threat as he complies. He then engages in a wince-worthy conversation with Kaiser. “You hear that, Bubba? Bubba? She said she should put me in jail.”

After a short pause, David continues: “Anyways. F**king ugly b*tch. Try to take my kid from me again!” Then louder, I assume so that Doris can hear: “Try to take our kids again!”

Here are the two clips described above — be warned that they do contain foul language:

42 *telling* seconds of David’s IG Live from r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2

And there was a *lot* more in David’s 30-minute live session. The Teen Mom Central TUMBLR page watched it all and provided a bullet point recap, including these notes:

• He had the NERVE to bring up Doris’ husband who’s on his death bed! David said “This b*tch can’t even take care of herself or her husband who is dying. The b*tch can barely walk. B*tches.”

• He said Kaiser won’t be allowed at Doris’ anymore (because he said so.)

• He said CPS went to their house & they went to the CPS office and apparently CPS said Nathan was “drunk or high” and they had a great time at the CPS office…

• He mentioned he had a gun on him, like he does at all times

As the TUMBLR recap points out, David states in the video that he and Jenelle went to the DSS office. That claim appears to be true. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that DSS conducted a full investigation, including a drug screening for both Jenelle and David, which they passed.

In addition to the drug screening, officials spoke with teachers at Kaiser’s daycare (where Jenelle claims Kaiser’s bruising occurred), Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans, police officers, and CPS agents from Jenelle and David’s county in North Carolina. “They determined that no abuse had occurred,” The Ashley’s source says.

So what is the next step? Whatever it is, it evidently won’t involve an emergency hearing: “There is no emergency hearing happening,” The Ashley’s source reveals. “Kaiser is going home with Jenelle, end of story.”

David also took the opportunity to taunt Nathan in another Instagram text graphic and caption:

A post shared by David Eason (@easondavid88) on

David’s caption:

So worried about your son but you predictably skip town again while your child stays home with your sickly mother!… What a great father to rip a kid out of his loving home for the satisfaction that you can talk sh*t online and make me look bad? I’ve never made up lies about your b*tch ass because I dont give a f**k about you. Make up some more lies buddy because you are just burying yourself. Everyone can see through you and what you dont realize is you really just f**ked up!

Meanwhile, Nathan Griffith isn’t giving up — and he is looking for help outside of the normal route, as he tweeted to Nancy Grace for assistance!

Something tells me that Nancy Grace won’t be rushing to Nathan’s aide in this case.

That is pretty much all of the updates on Kaiser’s custody specifically, but there are a couple more things I should add. As is often the case whenever Jenelle wears anything baggy, David’s video had many fans wondering if Jenelle is pregnant again. Someone posted a screen cap on Facebook (below) and wrote: “Guess that cat is outta the bag now. Jenelle Eason is pregnant. ??‍♀️”

David added fuel to the pregnancy rumors by responding with “Yea 13 weeks” and “Dang busted.”

Is Jenelle Eason pregnant again? 2018 edition

It seems quite obvious that David was being sarcastic because the comment edit history shows he initially wrote “Yea 6 months.” (On a side note, I think most anyone out there with a wife is wincing at David’s initial comment. You never, ever, in any way, ever want to suggest that your wife looks six months pregnant when she isn’t — not even as a joke.)

David also responded to a couple comments about Nathan with his trademark homophobic flair. “Nathan vs david 1 on 1 in the woods no cameras,” one commenter proposed as a potential resolution to their conflict. “I know that’s how he rolls,” David responded, “but I dont go in the woods alone with queers.”

In response to another commenter openly wondering who is running the @deabeatmom_jenelle Instagram account that broke the Kaiser story over the weekend, David revealed his theory. “Nathan and his gay friends from the gym are the ugly faces behind the hater accounts,” he wrote. “Didnt you know? How else would those accounts know what’s happening when it happens? ?”

I will conclude with a glimpse at a brief video that Jenelle posted of David being David in between Kaiser pics:

David Eason scary

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