SISTER WIVES How much did Christine buy and sell her house for? When did Kody remove his name?

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On tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown announces to Kody and her former sister wives that she has a buyer under contract on her Flagstaff home and she plans to move to Utah the following week. The sale of the property seemed like a great opportunity to expand our Sister Wives real estate coverage by doing a deep dive on Christine’s Flagstaff house!

Christine and Kody Brown bought the 2,400-square-foot house for $520,000 in September of 2018. They made a down payment of $130,000. (Kody claimed that the down payment was paid for with Robyn’s money, but that doesn’t “rilly” make any sense.)

The house is pretty amazing, which doesn’t comes across well on the show. That is due in part to the pandemic and the fact that most of the scenes at Christine’s house were either self-recorded with subpar equipment or filmed outside. Here are just a couple photos of the interior of the house from the recent listing, followed by the property’s description:

Sister Wives Christine Brown's house photos

Wanting wide open spaces and the most amazing views? Then this Gorgeous Mountain Home on 2.5 acres is just right for you. Living space has vaulted ceilings and pellet stove. Custom kitchen with granite counters and stainless steel appliances. Primary bedroom with en-suite on the main floor. 2 additional bedrooms and bath. The upstairs family room is an awesome space with a stone gas fireplace, views of the peaks and a bar ready to entertain. Full bathroom upstairs. There is a large hot-tub on the wrap around trex deck with views of the mountain and the stars, perfect for those Flagstaff nights, Attached mudroom that is full of storage. Additional amenities include: owned solar panels, hot water boiler, radiant heat, covered back patio, and heated work shop in the extra large garage.

It’s also interesting to note that the property has two additional storage buildings with a covered section in between. I assume these are used to house more of Kody’s mountain of stuff that Christine talked about this season. Or perhaps he stores items for his gun running side business? Here are a couple photos, including one in which you can see Kody’s infamous two-seater convertible parked.

Sister Wives Christine Brown's house has storage buildings

Kody Brown removed his name from the deed

There was a very interesting development with Christine’s house I assumed would be addressed on the show that appears to have been completely ignored. From our article published in April of 2021:

In August of [2020], a title company drew up a warranty deed transferring full ownership of the house to Christine. Kody signed the document on October 30, and it was officially recorded on November 6. I am guessing this will be a big part of the couple’s story next season, especially since there was more than two months between the date that the deed was drawn up and Kody signing it.

Kody removed his name from the deed on Christine’s house a year before the scenes we are seeing on Sister Wives Season 17, and it was never even brought up on the show?! I should also point out that Kody’s name was removed almost two years before Christine took her name off the Coyote Pass property she shared with Kody and Robyn.

Sister Wives Christine Brown removes Kody Brown from house deed

Christine refinanced in 2020

At the same time that Christine booted Kody from the deed, she took out a new mortgage on the property. She officially took out a new mortgage for $394,000 on October 31, 2020. The first mortgage for $390,000 taken out by Christine and Kody in 2018 was fully paid off on November 18, 2020.

As a result of everything described above, Kody had absolutely no legal claim to Christine’s house if she decided to sell it. I’m not really sure why that wasn’t addressed on the show.

Christine sells her house

Christine listed her Flagstaff home for $725,000 in early August, 2021. The status of the property was changed to a pending sale two weeks later, but it was back on the market for the same price on August 31. I do not know if this is the pending sale that Christine tells the family about in this week’s episode of Sister Wives.

The list price of the house was dropped to $700,000 on September 10, and it was once again pending on September 14. This time the buyer worked out and the property officially sold on October 8 for $700,000. That is $180,000 more than Christine and Kody initially paid for the property in late 2018.

If you add $180,000 to the approximately $126,000 that Christine had in equity when she refinanced in late 2020, that equals $306,000 in cash headed Christine’s way. Of course, it’s important to remember that a sizable chunk of that will go to the realtors, fees and taxes. Even after that, Christine was able to walk away with a large bit of change!

Christine mentions on the show that she found a house in Utah. It’s kind of implied that she found a house to buy, but that was not what happened. As we previously reported, Christine would end up renting half of a duplex in Murray, Utah. Here are some details on the property from that post:

When the entire duplex was for sale, the listing stated that the property is 6,981 square feet with six bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. If you split that in half it equates to 3,490.5 square feet, three bedrooms and two bathrooms for each half.

Out of curiosity, I performed property records searches in all of the counties around Salt Lake City and couldn’t find any record of Christine purchasing a property. That certainly doesn’t mean that she hasn’t purchased a home, but it doesn’t seem likely.

If you want to know more about Sister Wives real estate, be sure to check out our posts on Brownton Abbey and Coyote Pass! Or, you can just watch our video on Coyote Pass that explains exactly how the property is divided among the wives — before and after Christine’s departure:

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