PHOTO MY 600 LB LIFE Chay Guillory is engaged: ‘I’ve never been happier’

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Chay Guillory, already one of My 600 Lb Life‘s most popular castmates, has found love — and, in her own words, she’s “never been happier.” The Season 3 and Where Are They Now? star is now My 600 Lb Life Chay engaged: Chay and her fiancĂ©e Patrick put rings on it over the weekend, and have since been blown away by the “love and support” they’ve received.

As we wrote in our last update on Chay, things seemed to be going pretty well for her even before the engagement. Chay has been getting closer to her goal weight of 180 pounds, most impressively by dropping forty pounds in one month. Chay also started a new job recently, and has seen her social media following almost double in 2019. It’s a welcome bit of positive reinforcement in light of Chay’s last follow-up episode, in which her formerly supportive aunt and uncle took passive-aggressive shots at Chay after she came out as transgender.

Now — on to the My 600 Lb Life Chay engaged reveal! Chay dropped the news on Instagram this weekend in surprisingly understated fashion, sharing the photo at the top of the article of her hand with a diamond engagement ring on the ring finger.

Chay’s caption for the photo was likewise simple: “I said yes,” she wrote.

And who is Chay’s fiancĂ©? The only information that she’s made public is that his name is Patrick; we also know that he began appearing in Chay’s Instagram feed this past February, by which point she was already referring to him as her “boyfriend.”

However, Chay didn’t actually use Patrick’s name on social media until her follow-up post to the engagement reveal. It’s in that post that Chay, somehow managing to be even sweeter than when she was sharing news of her engagement in the first place, made clear just how happy Patrick has made her. Of course, it wasn’t just his proposal that sent her “over the moon”; Chay made special note of all the well-wishes she and Patrick have gotten, too.

Here’s Chay’s note of thanks in full (you can read the original post here):

Patrick and I want to sincerely thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support surrounding our engagement. It means so much to us, and we are over the moon. I’m so excited for this next chapter of my life, and have never been happier. God bless all of you, and once again thank you abundantly.

Congratulations to Chay and Patrick on their engagement and eventual marriage! We don’t yet know if Chay has been filming for what would be her third Where Are They Now? episode, but, if she has, we’ll hopefully get to witness either the engagement itself or the happy couple in the first days afterward.

(Photo credits: My 600 Lb Life Chay engaged via Instagram)

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