Is Amy Winehouse getting married again?

Amy Winehouse and Regg Travis

Amy Winehouse has been dating director Ragg Travis on and off since her divorce from Blake Fielder-Silver in 2009.  This relationship could be leading to matrimony according to the The Toronto Sun citing a British newspaper The People.   According to the report Travis told The People that:

‘Amy and I have been talking about getting married. We are looking to book something very soon.  I am thinking of getting something sorted in the next six weeks for the end of the year. I love Amy very much, she’s a wonderful, talented, lovely girl.’

For a while it looked as if Winehouse was going to become a tragic recycling example of a hot mess, with endless displays of public drunkenness etc, but recent photos and reports have shown a cleaned up and healthy looking young singer.  I hope she’s getting it straight and that all of this love and sobriety will lead to more music because the girl is unparalleled right now when she’s on her game.

Top Photo: Will Alexander/