THE DUGGARS The entire Duggar family skips out on gay uncle’s funeral

Originally we reported that the Duggars would participate in their uncle Tommy Lester’s funeral, but it appears the entire family from 19 Kids and Counting has snubbed the event because of him being a homosexual.

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The Duggars and homosexuality

The Duggar family became popular when their reality tv show 19 Kids and Counting debuted in 2008. They had an extremely successful run until they were cancelled in 2015.

The leaders of the family, Jim Bob and Michelle, are followers of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, a conservative Christian organization that promotes traditional family values and homeschooling.

Another major factor of the Duggar belief system is to denounce homosexuality. They have been aggressive in their stance, with Michelle participating in robo-calls to rally against liberal transsexual bathroom laws in Arkansas.

RIP Uncle Tommy

Tommy Lester was the brother of Grandma Mary, Jim Bob’s mother who died tragically in a drowning accident on her property in 2019.

Lester was a homosexual, married to a man named Lawrence Nestrud who was present as his death. According to the U.S. Sun: “Tommy had fallen in the bathroom against the door. Lawrence forced his way into the bathroom and Tommy was unresponsive. Lawrence contacted CEMS.”

Uncle Tommy was rarely mentioned by the Duggar family, most likely because of their religious beliefs.

The Duggars snub family funeral

Last month Starcasm reported that the Duggar family would support their uncle Tommy Lester’s funeral, with Pastor Seewald even slated to officiate the event. We have now learned that not a single member of the 19 Kids and Counting clan was present.

Approximately 20 people gathered at Fayetteville National Cemetery on Thursday to witness the burial, which included a 21 gun salute. Tommy served in the US Navy aboard the USS Henderson during Vietnam.

Police officials visited Jim Bob’s big house just hours after Lester died, seemingly to inform him of the death of his uncle. There is now much speculation as to why, since none of the family ended up attending his funeral.

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