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Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe American Pickers wish list

In pretty much every episode of History’s popular American Pickers reality show we get to see Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz do a little “freestyle pickin’,” which essentially means driving around and looking for yards, sheds, buildings, gullies, or whatever with lots of “junk” and pulling up in the driveway (often times risking life and limb via shotgun blast) to ask the owners if they had anything they are looking to sell. At this point in the conversation, either Frank or Mike (usually Mike – which makes sense because he just seems a little less shootable than Frank – ha!) pulls out the mythical Antique Archaeology “Wanted” flyer with a list of the kinds of items they are looking for.

Now anyone who has watched a number of episodes knows some of the things on the list — old bicycles, oil cans, old toys, old motorcycles, oddball folk art, old signs, ANYTHING having to do with the Oddfellows (actually, that one may not be on the list, but we know Mike’s soft spot for that stuff!) — but what else is on there? It sure looks like a long list of things!

Thankfully, we now have an answer to that question! Mike recently tweeted a copy of the list — used, but in good condition — along with the words, “Here is the flyer we use on the show when we go #FreestylePicking on @americanpickers”

So, without further ado, here is the American Pickers “Wanted” flyer in all its glory followed by all of the items typed up by yours truly! (If you copy and paste the list for another site, show a little link love!)

American Pickers Antique Archaeology wanted to buy flyer list

Motorscooters: Vespa, Labretta, Cushman
Early Furniture
Radios: Transistor/Tabletop
Old Toys: Tin, Windup, Cast iron
Fishing Items: Lures, Reels
Vending Machines: Coke, Candy, Gumball
Oil Bottles
Pinball Machines
Old Movie Posters
Musical Instruments
Early Game Boards
Advertising Items
Airstream Trailers
Taxidermy Animals
Early Mouse Traps
Early Boy Scout Items
Cap Guns
Old Bowls
Cast Iron
Pedal Cars
Shell Boxes
Toy Boats
Old Signs
oil Cans
Oil Paintings
Wagon Wheels
Old Dolls
Old Bottles
Juke Boxes
Folk Art
License Plates
B B Guns
Pedal Tractors
Military Items
Wood Carvings
Early Halloween
Christmas Items
Windmill Weights

There you go! So the next time two affable dudes show up in your driveway in a slick Mercedes van looking for stuff to buy, you’ll have a head start! (I must have missed a few episodes because I have no idea what the heck windmill weights are!)

New episodes of American Pickers air Monday nights at 9/8c on History. They also show reruns all the time, just check History’s American Pickers website for listings!

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