PHOTO American Pickers’ Danielle Colby gets scooteriffic sexy!

American Pickers' Danielle Colby makes scooter sexy in this photo

YES!  This is a Starcasm internal Friday victory crush-theft joyous moment for yours truly. Until this post, fellow blogger Asa H. has cornered the market on having to “work” on all the sexy burlesquein’ Farmageddon supportin’ Dannie Dieslin’ action that is American Pickers sweetheart Danielle Colby. Asa took a little holiday today, and to show my support I’m stealing Danielle right out from under him! It’s how I scooter roll folks.

Danielle was kind enough to assist me by posting the above blazing hot photo courtesy of Amy Richmond Photography to her Facebook page. This solidifies my post from yesterday featuring Big Love’s Daveigh Chase in that there may be nothing hotter than a woman ridin’ a scooter. Well Danielle isn’t riding the scooter in the photo but who’s complaining? Seriously, who’s complaining because I want you to leave my post right now you Asa homers!

I can’t encourage you enough to check out Amy Richmond’s photography site. There are some additional Danielle pics of course as well as those other two dudes from A.P., what are their names? In addition, Amy’s live concert gallery images are almost as amazing as Colby and her pimped out mini-hog.

As a shout out to Danielle and Amy and to especially rub this in the face of my co-blogger here’s arguably my favorite bluegrass YouTube clip. This is living legend Del McCoury and his band setting Richard Thompson’s “1952 Vincent Black Lightning” and a little Amen gospel on fire!

“And I don’t mind dying but for the love of you. And if fate should break my stride then I’ll give you my Vincent scooter to ride.”

PHOTO: Amy Richmond Photography