American Pickers’ Danielle Cushman autographed photos taken by her dad!

American Pickers' Danielle Colby Cushman photo taken by her father Kevin Colby

Are you a fan of the burlesque dancin’, roller derbyin’, tattoo-lovin’, fashion designin’ alternabilly filly and office manager extraordinaire Danielle Colby Cushman from The History Channel’s popular reality series American Pickers? Do you have and empty space on your bedroom wall, your mantle, or the inside of your locker? Would you be willing to do very little to help Danielle out and fill those voids at the same time? Then hop on over to Etsy and buy yourself an autographed picture of Danielle Cushman taken by her dad, Kevin Colby, who is selling them for $20 each to help out with medical expenses stemming from Leukemia.

(The photo is the one you see above, minus the copyright text, plus Danielle’s John Hancock)

Danielle shared the image and link on her Facebook page with this message:

OK! Finally, if you would like an autographed photo, here you go! My father is an artist and took this picture. All proceeds from these photos go to aiding in his fight against Leukemia. Thanks for helping his cause 🙂 Mad Iowa Love!

Here’s what Mr. Colby has to say about the picture:

I took this photo while visiting with my daughter and she loved it and suggested I sell these to the fans requesting an autographed photo, so…… Here you go! Each glossy 8×10 print is signed by Danielle personally. If you would like a specific message please include the info. Keep it clean, remember I am her Dad 🙂
Thank you!
Kevin Colby

And here’s the introduction to her dad from Danielle herself:

Kevin Colby is a fourth generation a fine art photographer, with a strong focus on his natural surroundings and an uncanny ability to capture the human spirit frozen in a single moment of time.

Kevin was raised a small town, Midwest boy. Raised primarily by his strong, independent, Irish Catholic mother, Mary Colby, after the passing of his beloved father James Colby, when Kevin was just a boy of twelve.

James was a gifted photographer, as was his father before him. Upon his passing Mary was left with five lively children to provide for. So… as with any strong , determined woman in history she made a living with what she had available, her late husbands camera equipment.

Mary worked tirelessly to provide for her young family and Kevin being the new head of the family at just twelve years of age, he did what any good son would and helped his Mom succeed.

Kevin devoured every book he could on the subject and learned by his mothers side how to craft a moment and make a living.

Kevin resides in Davenport Iowa. he has raised his own family of three daughters, Tara, Danielle and Annie with his loyal and loving wife Susan Colby at his side.

Kevin is currently battling with Leukemia and has retired from Photography as a full time career as his health will not allow him to indulge in his work as he once did. However, I have compiled a collection of some of my favorite photos of my fathers, for your enjoyment.

Kevin will occasionally add to this collection as his health allows.

Please enjoy my fathers collection as I have through the years. I hope it inspires your heart as it has mine , to create and be recognized.

Thank you for the years of inspiration, Dad, I love you!

Danielle Colby Cushman

Kevin Colby has lots of other incredible photos available for purchase as well, so be sure to check those out too!

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