American Pickers moves to Wednesday night, heads to Europe for Season 6 premiering October 9

American Pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz heading to England and Ital for Season 6

History’s blockbuster treasure hunting travel series American Pickers is making some major changes when it returns for its sixth season this October. In addition to moving from Monday nights to Wednesday nights at 9/8c, the new season will feature Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz exercising their picking (and language and currency conversion) skills on the backroads of England and Italy!

That’s right, our American Pickers become European Pickers as they scour the hillsides of such locales as Sicily and London where they “dig thru properties that were built in the 1600’s and they pick items that could be as old as 17th century,” according to the official press release. “They also get to dig into a packed garage in London that hasn’t been opened in over 12 years!” and “find rare cars and motorcycles that you won’t find back in the states, but they aren’t able to seal every negotiation since they have to factor in the exchange rate between Euros and dollars, and the cost of shipping everything back home.”

But don’t worry all you devoutly pro-Americanites out there, because Mike and Frank won’t be spending the entire season overseas!

Back in the states, Mike and Frank will once again haggle over a slew of interesting historic items and meet quirky and interesting characters. From rare Bonnie and Clyde memorabilia to a Bass Guitar that may have belonged to Bill Black, a legendary musician who played with Elvis, to a typewriter that supposedly was lent to Albert Einstein.

Danielle Colby American Pickers American flag

And what about the pickerlicious Danielle Colby? She’s holding down the Antique Archaeology fort in Iowa, overseeing the store expansion. And according to the press release, “Viewers will see Danielle go picking with Mike’s brother Rob Wolfe and make a huge purchase without the guys.” Hmmm… I smell a potential American Pickers spin-off! 🙂

American Pickers Season 6 premieres Wednesday, October 9 at 9/8c. If you’re afraid you might forget, just remember 10/9 at 10/9!

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