Danielle from American Pickers covers ‘Pin Up America’ magazine as Dannie Diesel

Danielle Colby Cushman as Dannie Diesel on PinUp America magazine cover

While other reality starlets wind up on the covers of tabloids caught in various scandals or victimized by close friends looking to make a fast buck by ratting them out, American Pickers star Danielle Colby Cushman finds herself on the cover of the current issue of Pin Up America on her own terms. Or on the terms of Dannie Diesel, her burlesque dancing alter ego.

In the cover photo, Danielle poses with a grungeabilly customized Harley wearing a tight black leather vest with matching “Motor Maids” hat and an ANTiSEEN rebel flag skirt. Danielle’s vivid array of tattoos are on display, as are a number of jewelry pieces you could probably find at her 4 Miles 2 Memphis shop in LeClaire, Iowa, right around the corner from Antique Archaeology.

Inside the magazine there is a Dannie Diesel centerfold featuring Danielle and some of her dance troupe Burlesque le’ Moustache that includes this wonderful photo taken by Joshua Black Wilkins:

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American Picker's Danielle Colby Cushman as Dannie Diesel of Burlesque le’ Moustache

Also in the May/June 2012 issue:

-Cover & Centerfold: Dannie Diesel
-Page 3 Pinups w/ Ink: Rebecca Vendetta (by Mannon Pictures)
-Puttin’ the Rock in Rockabilly: The very first ever Viva Las Vegas! (by Greg Laxton)
-Pin-up in Poland: Alternative, Tattoo, and Pin Up Model – Reddnessa
-All Dolled Up: Pin Curls (by Jay Burnett)
-Diary of a Tattoo: Texas’ Liz Cook (by Dawn Harlan)
-Feature Artist: Nathalie Rattner
-The Pin Up America Show: Special Guests and Shows
-Time Flies: Photo Tips from a Pro (by Bodacious Betty)
-Burlesque Around the World: Dannie Diesel Presents her troupe Burlesque le’Moustache (by Contessa)
-How to be a Pinup (by wikiHow)
-Winners & Runners Up of the May/June ‘12 International Photo Contest
-Pin Up From Down Under: An Insight to Miss Pinup Australia (by Miss Pixie)
-In the Spotlight: Naomi VonKreeps (by DC Larson)
-“Past” Events Photo Pages
-“Future” Events Around the World
-The Retro Corner: Humorama (by Erica Hesse), Recipe and Slang Dictionary

Order your copy now at PinUpAmericaShop.com!

Not enough Pin Up America magazine and Danielle Colby Cushman for you? Not a problem! Check out this video clip featuring Danielle interviewed by Pinup America‘s Rachel Dee at the 2011 Muddyroots Music Festival:

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I will send you out with some appropriate female music badassery from pinupabilly filly Kim Lenz and Her Jaguars:

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