American Pickers’ Danielle Cushman addresses haters, becomes even awesomer

Danielle from American Pickers responds to the haters on Facebook

We’ve done a number of posts about American Pickers star Danielle Colby Cushman – the burlesque dancing, roller derbying, clothes designing, tatted up, roots music loving office manager for Antique Archaeology.

The brunette momtrepreneur from Iowa is one of our favorite stars on reality television because of her wonderful mixture of intelligence, self confidence, and badass good-heartedness. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s a wee bit on the smoking hot side, something she likes to show off when she’s performing as her burlesque alter ego Dannie Diesel.

Danielle Colby Cushman

It seems Danielle’s risque tendencies have turned off some fans, who of course have not been afraid to express their opinions on online. In turn, Danielle was not afraid to defend herself.

Check out these posts from her Facebook page (which I think may have since been deleted) in response to fans calling her out:

Alonna L: “I use to like your show. I had know idea you had no respect t for your body and take such distasteful pics of yourself. Definitely wouldn’t let my daughter be influenced by you.”

My response: What pictures are YOU looking at???? Really? Huh….. You must have me confused with some other TV reality star you choose to hate on. If you are seriously offended by the nature of my being, why the hell did you like my page??? I will make no apologies for my actions or photos or behavior. But I will say I am sorry you don’t have the ability to appreciate my diverse sense of raditude, cuz I think my world is pretty awesome and hope every little girl knows the freedom of fully loving and accepting herself as I have had the privilege and honor of doing, but even more I hope YOU have the chance to know this freedom and stop judging others. Thank you God for giving me the power to choose my path. GRRRL POWER!

Danielle Cushman

Scott C: “Yeah way to let her have it in front of everyone for expressing her opinion. She’s probably refereeing to the picture with your ass cheeks hanging out. Depending on the age of get daughter it probably isn’t appropriate. Please don’t be a hypocrite, reminds if the buy American post you had. I bought a shirt that frank and Mike were selling it was made in Indonesia. last time I c…hecked that wasn’t located in America. I still like who Danie is but she has become allot more commercialized which takes away from the person we all liked.”

Scott, my response is this… Facebook requires you to be 18 to view its content, so I market on Facebook to the Facebook demographic, pg 13 at worst. I guarantee any children on Facebook have seen far worse on their parents’ own TVs. Also “I” buy American, Mike and Frank and are separate vendors from me. They make their own choices. “I” stand alone in my business choices. I have a 10 year old daughter and am proud to rehearse my burlesque routines in front of her, cuz I do what I do with respect and dignity. You are heard and you are incorrect in my eyes. But that is the beauty of America, we all have free speech. Also She outed herself by posting this on my public page. If she wanted anonymity she would have just sent me regular hate mail like the other haters who require anonymity. Still not apologizing. Good day.

Blazing trails and living in harmony with my own sense of self is never easy, I have dealt with this small group of disapproving people my whole life. Things will never change, there will always be a small group of disapproving people who will speak their mind, fortunately their small voices will always be drowned out by the roar of strong empowered women and men who “get it”. So to those who do get it, thank you for your uplifting comments and support. You had me at Hello 😉 I may lose fans, I would rather have fewer fans and know in my soul that I am secure in my skin, even if that is all I am wearing. I truly love you guys!

Maybe it’s just me, but that there is way sexier than skimpy pictures! What do you have to say about it animated gif kid?

Haters gonna hate boy animated gif

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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