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Lindsey Nicholson’s daughter Paisley has Bilary Artesia, flown to Houston for surgery as GoFundMe campaign started

Former 16 and Pregnant star Lindsey Nicholson flew to Houston with her premature newborn twin daughter Paisley on Wednesday after doctors diagnosed Paisley with Bilary Artesia, a very rare liver disease that requires immediate surgery. Lindsey was forced to leave her other premature twin, son Jackson, in a Lubbock hospital so she could be with Paisley when she undergoes the procedure in Houston. Get all the latest from Lindsey and find out how you can help her family deal with the rising medical costs by contributing to a GoFundMe campaign set up for them.

Lindsey Nicholson updates on twins’ health, daughter treated for extremely rare infection

16 and Pregnant star Lindsey Nicholson continues to update on the health of her twins Paisley and Jackson, which she gave birth to while just under 30 weeks pregnant on October 25 after a very difficult pregnancy. In her most recent post, Lindsey reveals that Paisley has been treated with an antibiotic not used on a baby before, and things are looking up!

Lindsey Nicholson asks for prayers as newborn daughter Paisley tested for meningitis

Former 16 & Pregnant star Lindsey Nicholson gave birth to twins last week after a very difficult pregnancy, and, although her little boy and girl arrived early, it appeared as though the major health risks had been avoided thanks to the extra few weeks in the womb. But Lindsey revealed this weekend that her daughter Paisley has been diagnosed with a staph infection, and she asked her followers for prayers as doctors prepare to test Paisley for meningitis.

Jordan Cashmyer returns to Twitter for update: ‘I was NEVER missing’

Troubled 16 and Pregnant star Jordan Cashmyer made headlines earlier this year after she showed up on several online escort sites. Not long after that, her mother Kari plastered Facebook with pleas to help locate Jordan after she had reportedly gone missing. Jordan, who is from near Baltimore, later turned up in Virginia — and has now turned up social media to clarify what happened and how she is doing.

Jordan Cashmyer goes missing after escort reports, mother asks for help

16 and Pregnant star Jordan Cashmyer has reportedly gone missing after reports surfaced last week that she was working as an escort on multiple escort websites and was arrested two times in the past month for cocaine and heroin possession. Jordan’s mother Kari has been posting on Facebook requesting that anyone who knows Jordan’s whereabouts to please contact her.

UPDATE – Jordan has reportedly been found in Virginia!