16 & PREGNANT Lindsey Nicholson pregnancy update: still in the hospital, but 28 weeks & counting!

16 and Pregnant Lindsey Harrison Nicholson pregnancy update 2017

16 & Pregnant star Lindsey Harrison Nicholson is currently pregnant with twins, and has been experiencing some very serious complications. The last time we checked in with her, she was 26 weeks along, in the hospital, and being placed on bed rest until her twins arrived — which was hopefully later rather than sooner.

We have some good news to report as Lindsey still has those buns in her oven. “We made it to 28 weeks,” Lindey tweeted from her hospital room on Saturday, adding the ???? emoji. That update comes a little less than a week after a more detailed update on Instagram:

Lindsey Nicholson pregnant with twins at 27 weeks

We made it to 27 weeks! So thankful our babies are still in my belly. I’ve been in the hospital now 8 days. Had to bring in some flowers, a comforter and more items so it’s not so depressing in here. Getting extremely bored and emotional, but wouldn’t change it as long as our babies are growing big & strong! So thankful I have such an amazing husband and great daughter who are going above and beyond to care for me. Each day is a blessing. Truly is a miracle these babies haven’t come out yet. Next goal is 28 weeks. I have read each & every comment/message sent to me. I wanted to tell everyone how thankful I am for the support & prayers. Y’all are so uplifting ???? #ireallymissmydog ??

Lindsey mentions her daughter in her update, and on Twitter she revealed that Aniya came to the hospital to celebrate her sixth birthday on Friday. In addition to a photo of Aniyah with her cake, Lindsey wrote: “Not how we imagined celebrating her birthday but this sweet girl didn’t care ? she just wanted to be w/ mama & daddy!” Just before that tweet, Lindsey shared her astonishment at how quickly the time has passed. “Can’t believe Aniyah is 6 today!” she tweeted. “Time sure has flown by??”

Lindsey has never been one to hold back when it comes to saying it like it is, and she exemplified that with a tweet last week: “Seriously in awh at the fact that I’m able to walk around dilated to a 5 with Jacksons water bag hanging out.. the human body is incredible.” (If you’re curious what it means that her unborn son’s water bag is hanging out, be sure to check Lindsey’s previous update — which is also straight forward with the medical 411.)

We are thrilled to hear the great news that little Jackson James and Paisley Lee are keeping up their lease! These past few weeks have been SOOOO important. Let’s hope they stick around just a little bit longer. (I’m guessing Lindsey is getting pretty torn about later rather than sooner at this point. She seems like such an active person that I’m guessing this whole hospital bed rest stuff is driving her kookoo!)

Oh, and I don’t want to forget to send out mad props to husband/dad extraordinaire TJ! But I guess ol TJ doesn’t really need me to say it when Lindsey (and a photograph) say it so much better:

Lindsey Nicholson husband TJ daughter Aniyah wedding dance

Thank you for being the man you didn’t have to be. I never knew men like you even exist. Aniyah & our twins are incredibly blessed and fortunate to have you as their dad. You are the dad who doesn’t put anything above his family. Not work, not friends, & not your hobbies. Our family is everything to you & to me that is so incredibly attractive and admirable. You not only welcomed Aniyah into your life with open arms you showed her how a father is supposed to treat their little girl. Thank you for being you. We love you to the moon & back ?

(Aniyah reminds me so much of Eloise from the series of children’s books in that photo!)

UPDATE – Lindsey shared a couple more tweets on Monday:

This hospital room is starting to feel like a jail cell ?

I get to see my babies via last ultra sound Wednesday ? woohoo! We are so excited.

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