Lindsey Nicholson shares GREAT news on premature twin daughter Paisley’s health

Lindsey Nicholson daughter Paisley health update 2018

16 and Pregnant star Lindsey Nicholson and her family have had a very rough couple of months after she gave birth to her twins Paisley and Jackson more than two months early in late October. Both twins began their lives in the NICU with Jackson being able to leave his incubator in late November. Paisley continued to have very serious health issues, however, and she was later flown to Houston to see a liver specialist. Paisley was later able to fly back to Lubbock, but she continued to experience issues with her liver function, and was diagnosed with a new staph infection in her nose just before New Year’s Eve.

Fast forward one week and we have some GREAT news! I will let Big Hearted Mama Linds tell you:

Paisley Update- so a MIRACLE happened y’all. Normal liver levels are 1.2 and Paisleys were 6.7 as of December 26th. Well today they rechecked her levels and they’ve gone all the way down to 1.7!!!! We arnt out of the woods yet, but obviously whatever her undiagnosed liver disease is, it’s one that can cure itself . All of her blood clots are gone also!!Crying so many happy tears. She also got her feeding tube taken out the other day. She’s doing so, so sooo good. I’m beyond proud of our little fighter. Thank you everyone for your continued love & prayers❤️??

Lindsey then reminds everyone that her little siblings weren’t even supposed to leave her womb until today!

Today January 7, 2018 was my original due date. To think Jackson and Paisley shouldn’t have even been born until today, is absolutely incredible to me. They decided to come into this world 75 days EARLY! To defy all odds and for BOTH of them to be healthy like they are is a miracle. I’ve never in my life been so thankful and felt so blessed. Just when nobody thought our sweet Paisley would make it anymore, she continued to prove everyone wrong. I’m pretty sure God & Paisley were just sitting back with a grin on their faces, knowing that all of this was just making her get that perfect hook around our fingers so she’d have her life set at home ? how can we ever get mad at her now or spank her after all she’s been through ? LOL beyond ready to close this chapter. Can’t wait to see what else these two accomplish in their lifetime ?? #bringpaisleyhome

This is such amazing news! We will keep our fingers crossed for the Nicholsons and look forward to our first update post that includes a photo of the entire family at home together. 🙂

As a reminder, not only was the Nicholson twins’ medical issues emotionally and physically taxing on Lindsey and her husband TJ, they were also very financially taxing as well. There is a GoFundMe account set up to help them with the medical expenses if you would like to donate — just click the link. And you can follow Paisley and Jackson’s journey by liking Lindsey’s @lilmamalinds Instagram account!

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