16 & PREGNANT Lindsey Nicholson gives birth to twins at 29 weeks, 4 days

16 and Pregnant Lindsey Nicholson gives birth to twins

The suspense is over! 16 & Pregnant star Lindsey Nicholson has given birth to her twins after a very risky pregnancy that saw her hospitalized and placed on bed rest for the past month.

“Yesterday after a 26 hour labor we got to welcome Paisley & Jackson into the world at 29 weeks-4days,” Lindsey proudly posted on Instagram earlier today — along with the photos of her new additions above. She reveals that Jackson James was the first born at 1:55PM, and he weighed 3.51 pounds. Paisley Lee was next at 2:07PM, weighing 2.15 pounds.

Here are photos of Paisley (top) and Jackson (bottom):

Lindsey Nicholson baby daughter Paisley

16 and Pregnant Lindsey Nicholson twin baby son Jackson

“My heart has never been more happy,” Lindsey continues. “So incredibly thankful for each & every one of you who prayed for us. God heard everyone’s prayers?? So thankful they weighed a lot for their gestational age and are doing great.”

UPDATE – Lindsey added some more photos (you’ll have to follow her on Instagram to check ’em out!) and another update on the twins:

My heart has never been so full. I knew having preemie babies would be hard, but I wasn’t prepared for how hard it truly is. My heart hurts. Knowing tomorrow I have to leave this hospital without them crushes me. I’m beyond thankful they are doing so well for being born at 29 weeks. The Nicu as we’ve already learned is a roller coaster. This morning everything was great & tonight we found out Jackson has an infection. Thankfully they caught it soon and are treating it. Hearing him cry in discomfort without being able to hold him is any mother’s nightmare. I know I have to stay positive during this time & realize they are in amazing care??❤️ #preemietwins #preemiemom #nicufighter

The pregnancy was a trying one for Lindsey and her husband TJ, and although staving off premature births for nearly a month was the absolute best case scenario for the health of her babies, Lindsey knows that there are more trying times coming. “We have a very long road ahead of us but I know our babies are strong ❤️” she says.

Lindsey first announced she was pregnant with twins back in May, and revealed at the time that it was going to be a high risk pregnancy. Lindsey was hospitalized in mid-September at just 24 weeks, and there was serious concern that her twins might be on the way VERY early. Thankfully, doctors were able to stave off delivery and Lindsey was able to return home.

At the beginning of October, Lindsey was back in the hospital to stay. Lindsey continued to update from her hospital room, including some SERIOUS appreciation and love for her supportive husband TJ. That pretty much catches you up until today’s birth announcement!

Congratulations to Lindsey and her family! We have been following their journey closely for months now, and couldn’t be happier that Aniyah has two healthy little siblings. And a big thanks to Lindsey for continuing to keep her fans updated — I’m sure it was difficult prioritizing Instagram and Twitter while going through such an ordeal. 🙂

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