EXCLUSIVE Massive Murder Chose Me Season 2 update from star John Nicholson & crew

Murder Chose Me Season 2 update 2

Expectations for Murder Chose Me Season 2 have been sky-high ever since Investigation Discovery announced the show’s renewal back in May. Fortunately for MCM’s growing legions of fans, what we’ve learned about the new episodes and their production should give you every reason to be thrilled for what’s ahead.

For starters, star John Nicholson, who portrays Detective Rod Demery, told us that he, “along with Rod & the entire production crew, are really excited about working on Season 2,” and that they’re all “trying to build upon what started in Season 1.” John added that “the scripts and guest star casting have been awesome this season.”

Another Episode in the can, back in LA till next Saturday, then back to Knoxville . Man I luv this shit❤️

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John couldn’t talk about any specific cases from Detective Demery’s past that we might get to see on-screen for Murder Chose Me Season 2. But he did tell us that Rod continues to be a unifying force for the cast and crew, and that everyone involved with the show appears to be drawing inspiration from him.

“As people are coming to learn,” John explained, “Rod is an amazing cop and a really good human being, and I’m delighted to be part of the process that helps people learn about his career and life….Honestly this whole journey has been great, Season 2 is turning out exciting and I’m really happy for Rod and hope the audience is ready for Season 2.” (In case you need catching up, you can read about Detective Demery’s superhuman success rate as a homicide detective here; click here for Demery’s take on the experience of catching his mother’s murderer years after she was killed.)

John also said his experience on the show has been “a tremendous blessing,” and the number of times he gets recognized off-set is something he’s still adjusting to. “I’m still tripping over people stopping me in the street & at the supermarket,” he told us, “asking if I’m the guy from MCM. And wanting a photo.

And that goes double when he walks the actual streets of Shreveport with Rod Demery himself: “When I hang with Rod in Shreveport, it’s like being with rock star: everyone knows him, wants to come over and say hello or have their photo taken with him.”

Behind the scene photos from yesterday's location. #murderchoseme season 2 @iamroddemery @torpedogirl68 @jeffreyswoods @1dannydarko @big10tn

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John said he doesn’t know for sure when we should expect Murder Chose Me Season 2 to begin airing, but that he’s “heard sometime in 2018.” If you’ll allow a little educated speculation, it’s worth pointing out that Investigation Discovery’s two other hit detective-narrated shows, Homicide Hunter and I Am Homicide, are on a fairly reliably schedule: the last four seasons of HH have all premiered in late August, and the first two seasons of IAH dropped in June. And MCM made its official debut this past February (though the pilot was available to stream for several weeks beforehand). Based on that, it seems reasonable to assume that the show will be back in late January or early February 2018–only about four months from now.

We’ll leave you with an Instagram-happy photo gallery of behind-the-scenes shots from Murder Chose Me Season 2, which is currently filming in Knoxville. The first comes from crew member Chris Morris, and he actually shared it several weeks before filming began–but we can’t publish an MCM Season 2 update without a picture of Rod:

Almost time for Murder Chose Me again!! I can't wait to have Rod and John back on set!

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John shared this clip from the first week of filming, which seems to have been marred by heavy rain:

Raining yet again #murderchoseme #MCMSeason2 @iamroddemery

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Director Jeffrey Woods offered this photo on the same day as John’s update above:


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Another nice shot from Chris Morris:

Behind the scenes look at actor John Nicholson on set of Murder Chose Me, Season 2.

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And a terrific, beautiful, gloomy shot from producer Jen Woods. This looks like a particularly foreboding final scene:

Gypsy. #setlife #onlocation #finalscene #producerlife #MCM2

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Finally, here’s a lighthearted clip, filmed by John, featuring three members of the crew. One of them seems to feel she’s been the victim of an ambush 🙂

Behind the scenes today on the set of Murder Me Season 2 @torpedogirl68 @iamroddemery @jupiterentertainment

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Murder Chose Me airs on Investigation Discovery.

(Photo credits: Murder Chose Me Season 2 update via Instagram)

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