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PHOTOS Mia Matsumiya, the ‘Perv Magnet,’ shares 10 years of messages from ‘creeps and weirdos’ to stop online harassment

Mia Matsumiya, a Los Angeles-based violinist, has been receiving disgusting, aggressive, sexual social media messages for more than ten years. Now that she's saved well over a thousand of them, Matsumiya has decided to create an alter ego–the "Perv Magnet"–to share the treatment she's received, and help shine a light on the pervasiveness of online harassment.

PHOTOS Kylie Jenner N-word controversy: Did Kylie call her best friend ‘n*gga’ on her birthday?

The ongoing Kylie Jenner N-word controversy continues to dog the 18-year-old reality TV star. Earlier this week, Kylie appeared to present a close friend with a birthday cake emblazoned with the phrase "Happy Birthday N*gga." Kylie denies all involvement, but the bevy of photographs of the event have complicated matters.

VIDEO Donald Trump controversy: Refuses to correct man who says President Obama is a Muslim and ‘not even American’

The latest Donald Trump controversy of Campaign 2016 emerged on Friday, the morning after Trump failed to correct a man who called President Obama a Muslim and who said Obama "isn't even American." Fellow candidates from both parties were swift to condemn Trump's remark; Trump himself has not commented on the flap. Read on to see video of the event.