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PHOTOS Okay Zac Efron, we’ll watch that Baywatch movie!

This is actor Zac Efron, and his muscles, on the set of the new Baywatch movie. These here pics of Zac's delicious ab-attack were taken over the weekend down in Miami Beach. He was looking so good in these that even Zac himself shared one of the candid photos to Instagram. "Honestly I have a hard time with paparazzi but s/o to this dude," he wrote. Shout out indeed good sir!

VIDEO Max Joseph’s We Are Your Friends movie trailer with Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski

It was first revealed last July that Catfish co-host Max Joseph would be fulfilling his dream of directing a feature-length motion picture, and our excitement grew when it was announced in August that the film, titled We Are Your Friends, would star Zac Efron as well as Gone Girl star (and “Blurred Lines” music video beauty) Emily Ratajkowski!