PHOTOS Zac Efron arrives for Late Night With David Letterman

Zac Efron on David Letterman

The Ed Sullivan Theater has been host to some seriously historical squeal-inducing hot ‘n’ handsome stud muffins over the years, including the long-haired musical foursome from Liverpool and an Elvis Presley so hot he had to be filmed from the waist up. David Letterman added to the Theater’s rich hunky heritage by hosting two of the hottest homies on the planet within just a few days of each other.

First was the incomparably lusted-after New Moon James Dean vampire Robert Pattinson, who appeared Wednesday, November 18 to promote the release of the latest Twilight movie.

Coming in a distant second, but still on top of the world relative to rest of us “normal lookin’ fellers,” was the clean cut and always dashing manboy Zac Efron, who was on The Late Show With David Letterman Tuesday, November 24 to promote his latest movie “Me and Orson Welles,” which also stars Claire Danes. Zac was smashing as always, this time in an impeccably sharp dark gray suit and light gray tie:

Zac Efron on Letterman

I was thinking this might be the proper venue in which to introduce a poll. Given the fact that this is a Zac Efron post and most everyone reading this got here because they were looking for Zac, he might actually stand a chance against the otherwise untopple-able RPatz. So, all you Efronites need to call in the full force of the Zac attack if you want your man to win this thing! Remember, all it takes is one Twilighter to catch wind that Edward Cullen is losing a hotness poll to another human being and KABOOM!

Photos: AAR / Fame Pictures

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