2002 PHOTO Zac Efron with crimped hair

Young Zac Efron with crimped hair

Here’s a reminder that even the dapperest of dudes have had moments in which they looked absolutely ridiculous.

High School the Musical star and all-around incredible hunk Zac Efron demonstrated some poor decision-making skills when he let a fellow California State Summer School for the Arts theater student named Lana have her way with his hair.

And now that moment I’ve been waiting for, as have millions of other envious celebrity bloggers worldwide…

Boy, that Zac Efron sure looks stupid!

(I deleted it and retyped it because it felt so Schadenfreutastic!)

Look at that ’80s-inspired crimpossibly crimplausible mess! Somehow I imagine a crimped up Zac dancing about singing “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun!” and not in a good way.

Now we just need to find a photo of Chace Crawford going through his mullet phase…