Sorry, Bear Grylls is taken


It’s hard to not have a crush on Chief Scott Bear Grylls as he male-bonds in the wilderness with some of the the world’s hottest actors. The only thing that makes him hotter is his devotion to his wife of 14 years, Shara Grylls.

The couple have three children together (Jesse, Marmaduke and Huckleberry,) and Shara’s even written some books about marriage, but she’s not too into watching her husband’s shows or hearing what he’s up to when he goes out to survive in the wilderness. “She has lived with it for a long time, but I don’t tell her a lot about it,” he said in 2011. “When I get home I always strip off my filthy clothes and jump in the bath. She winces when she sees all the bruises and scrapes I have got on my body. If she does watch the programs she’ll wince, but she much prefers Sex and the City anyway.” They married when they were 25 years old, a couple years after he became the youngest person to climb Mt. Everest, and shortly after their wedding both of their fathers died, which caused them to grow up fast. Not only did they have to worry about how they were going to survive, they had to figure out how to support their mothers.

With Bear having such a time-consuming and dangerous job, they’ve found a balance. He films shows for both the U.K. and the U.S. in six-week stretches while his boys are in school. He’s also teaching his boys to be survivalists, and one of his sons, Jesse, rescued a young girl from a river when he was only seven years old.

Bear, who was nicknamed “Bear” by his sister when he was a week old, tries his best to bond with his celebrity buddies on Running Wild.

He takes his shirt off with Zac Efron


Strips down with Channing Tatum


And tries to crack into the comedy game with Ben Stiller


Running Wild with Bear Grylls airs a 8/9 c. Monday nights on NBC.

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