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Why Meghan Markle won’t ever be a ‘Princess’ ??

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Lately, the British Royal family has been nothing short of a non-stop fairytale. On Monday, Kate Middleton gave birth to a new prince (the public is still eager to learn the new royal baby’s name). And next month, American actress Meghan Markle will wed Prince Harry. Last night, Meghan left her career as an actress behind with a touching wedding on her TV show Suits. She’ll soon be swept away in the everyday pageant of royal life — but she’ll never officially bear the coveted title “Princess.” The business of British royal titles is pretty complicated, and related closely to bloodlines.

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The Duchess of Cambridge wowed crowds during her first public appearance post-pregnancy. Her presence was actually a surprise to many of those who gathered at the start of a British ultra-marathon, as Kate wasn’t scheduled to make a public appearance until Sept. 12.

All eyes were on her body, which showed no remaining signs of pregnancy.