Royal Wedding madness: British plumber gets William and Kate’s faces tattooed on his teeth

Granted, the Royal Wedding nonsense is a fun escape from the everyday drudgery, and an excuse for The News to report on something fluffy, frilly, and light instead of war, radiation poisoning, how our kids’ futures are doomed (a staple topic of the news since The News was invented) and the most depressing of all: politics. It’s also ripe opportunity for Photobombs of the Century.

But sometimes people take their enthusiasm a little too far.

A British plumber named Barmy Baz Franks (seriously?!?!? Yes, seriously that’s his name,) decided he was so into the Royal Wedding mania that he would get little portraits of William and Kate “tattoed” on his teeth.

It’s not going to last him forever, but the tiny paintings are supposed to be good for about three months (depending on his teeth brushing practices.) Barmy spent about $1600 dollars on the new vanity procedure (street name: “gnasher tats.”) It took Dr Neil Gerrard six hours to paint the tiny portraits on Barmy’s teeth with tiny brushes.

Barmy, who has spent 29 years on this earth, just wanted to show his support to the royal family: ”I love the Royal Family and this was my way of lending my support to their Big Day.”