GYPSY SISTERS Kayla Cooper issues statement on husband Doug’s arrest

Kayla Cooper's husband Douglas Cooper arrest statement

As we reported yesterday, Douglas Cooper, the newlywed husband of Gypsy Sisters star Kayla Cooper, was arrested in West Virginia on Sunday. Doug had an outstanding warrant for his arrest due to absconding from parole, but it was unclear why the police were called on him. Kayla has since issued a statement to clarify, denying reports that it was because he was being violent towards her.

Here is Kayla’s statement:

To all who are concerned

This is Kayla Cooper. My husband did not put his hands on me. If he did, he would have Domestic Charges pending right now. Regardless if I wanted to press charges or not, the state would have picked them up.

The reason the law was called he was out in his truck he had been drinking liquor and he was blasting his music. Neighbor called cops. He was ran and it showed he had a fugitive warrant for probation violation.

NY is coming to get him so he can pull his 90 days. For everyone who doubts please call the jail the number is 304-***-****. Ask for info on Douglas Cooper

Kayla’s account of what happened seems to be contradicted by photos posted by her teenage son Richard, and then shared by the Gypsy Gossip: Tattle Tales Facebook page (which also posted Kayla’s statement). In one of the photos we see Richard’s call log, which includes a 911 call made at 8:46 PM. In the other photo there is a police car in the rain along with the caption “Had to do it.”

Kayla Cooper's husband arrest son Richard

The rumors were that Doug had gotten a little too physical with Kayla and that her teenage son Richard called the police on Doug as a result. That seems to jibe with the photos he posted, but is completely different from Kayla’s account of a neighbor making the call because Doug was liquored up in his truck playing music too loud.

Either way, it sounds like Doug will be taking a three-month vacation upstate. My guess is that the couple’s plans on having a child via in vitro fertilization will have to be put on hold until 2018.

We will keep an eye out for the actual police report from Doug’s arrest, which should clarify exactly what happened and who called police.

Click here for more details on Doug’s arrest, as well as his shocking criminal past that includes the death of a prostitute and dressing up as a utility worker to steal from the homes of elderly people.

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