GYPSY SISTERS Kayla Cooper wedding photos and video, baby via in vitro fertilization coming soon

Gypsy Sisters Kayla Cooper wedding photos

Congratulations are in order for Gypsy Sisters star Kayla Williams Cooper as she had herself a big, fat simple and elegant American wedding last week!

Gypsy Sisters Kayla wedding with husband Doug Cooper

Kayla and hubby Douglas Cooper tied the knot on October 17 after five months of waiting for Doug’s divorce to finally go through. (The couple had originally planned to get married back on July 4 in Atlantic City after it appeared that both of their divorces had been finalized, but it seems the celebration over Doug’s was a bit premature.)

Kayla posted the good news on September 1:

Well after 5 months we finally got dougs divorce papers 😉 that’s all we’ve been waiting on now it’s down to planning the big day we’ve been waiting on ??? we’ll be saying I DO in less than 2 weeks! We started from best friends to lovers to soon to be mrs cooper ! I love my soon to be hubby with everything in me! With all this being said Doug and I only wish everyone the same happiness we share life’s to short to be miserable with the one you say u love if you aren’t! Gods opened doors that I nvr knew was there and it all started with prayer ?? And change!!!

Gypsy Sisters Kayla Cooper wedding

Gypsy Sisters Kayla Cooper Wedding Dress

Kayla’s high praises for Doug continued up until, and after her special day:

Marrying this man was the highlight of my life other than having my kids! I nvr knew what ppl honestly meant when they would say I married my best friend until I meet and feel in love with this man of mine that I now call my husband. God blessed me with the most loving caring unreal individual! I love you my babe with every breath I take. One of a kind and hard to beat the only man I wanna die with! Happy early bday my love!

Kayla Cooper Wedding photo Gypsy Sisters

I have the most amazing husband in the world! We aren’t just husband and wife we’re also co workers with one another best friends and so much more… when ppl think they can call you and tell u a little something about ur husband lmao he doesn’t leave my side long enough to even take a shower hahahaha!!!! We are 100% with no ?s asked stuck up one another 24/7 right down to simple phone calls it’s all on loud speaker so if u hear anything about my husband just know there’s no secrets here and I mean absolutely none!! I could write a fairy tail book about our love for one another but it’s so perfect no one would believe the relationship him and I have!! I pray u all have a safe but blessed weekend much love from him and I!! ??

Doug also expressed his admiration for Kayla:

To this woman of mine ms.cooper the most beautiful woman in the world you are the best you have made me the best,happiest person in the world I love you so much and you have made my life complete ??❤️??

Kayla Cooper Wedding Doug

And here’s a wedding video shared by Kayla on Instagram that includes the exchanging of vows:

Ah, but the wedding isn’t the only big news from Kayla! On Sunday she revealed that she and Doug plan to have a child via in vitro fertilization!

From Kayla:

Looks like me and my husband will be doing In vitro fertilization early part of 2018!!!!soon as I find me a surrogate it’ll be a go!!!!!!! I go for consultation December 18th to start the process ???

Despite opting for in vitro fertilization, I am guessing from this photo and Kayla’s post that the newlyweds have been practicing the old fashioned way, if you know what I mean. Oh, I should mention that Doug’s birthday was Wednesday.

Gypsy Sisters star Kayla Williams with new husband Doug Cooper

My babe is bday worn right out he is!!! We celebrated like the last 48 hrs literally stra8 through….. best days well spent together! Gn god bless everyone ?? I love my husband with all heart ❤️ he’s every girls dream but I’m his one and only queen

Congratulations to Kayla and Doug! They both seem to have had some bad experiences in the relationship department in the past, but damn they sure seem happy together! We will keep our eyes and ears out for news about the baby. 😉

UPDATE – The Coopers’ plans to have a child may need to be delayed because Douglas has been arrested. Click here for all the details, including his shocking criminal past — and I really mean shocking.

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