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Gypsy Sisters Season 2 cast and premiere date

Get out your motor oil and Swarovski crystals because reality television’s most infamous reality show Romanichals are back! TLC announced today that their popular series Gypsy Sisters will be returning for a second season on December 5, with original cast members Nettie Stanley, Kayla Williams, and of course Mellie Stanley returning for Round Two. As we first reported back in February, Laura Johnston has decided to leave the show. But don’t worry, filling her bedazzled cut-off shirt and jeans shorts are THREE MORE family firecrackers in the form of Mellie and Nettie’s sister JoAnn Wells, Kayla’s sister Annie Johnston Williams, and Kayla’s cousin Sheena.

UPDATE – Click here to find out all about Joann Wells including bio info, videos and lots of photos!

Here’s a Gypsy Sisters Season 2 cast photo with all the ladies identified:

Gypsy Sisters Season 2 cast JoAnn Annie Williams Kayla Williams Nettie Stanley Mellie Stanley Sheena

TLC revealed some of what viewers can expect in Season 2, and just as you would imagine, it sounds CUH-RAYZAY!!

Matriarch Nettie Stanley, wild child Mellie and cousin Kayla return with tensions running higher than ever. With the family in a bitter divide, new members of the clan — JoAnn, Annie and Sheena — travel to West Virginia to help bring the family back together.

Tending to the family, cooking, cleaning and being a proper gypsy wife is the utmost priority, but these gypsy women are far from traveling in caravans and telling fortunes from a crystal ball. They strut their stuff on the streets of Martinsburg, West Virginia, dressed to the nines and engage in their favorite pastime: gossip! Though exchanging family secrets can lead to all-out war, these ladies don’t back down!

TLC Gypsy Sisters Season 2 cast Annie Kayla Nettie Mellie JoAnn Sheena

Fresh out of jail and pregnant with her first child, the unruly black sheep of the Stanley troop, Mellie, stokes the flames of drama that surround her older sister, Nettie. The Stanley sisters, armed with verbal weaponry and fists of fury, are a force to be reckoned with. Nettie’s feud with cousin Kayla comes to a head with a colossal gypsy brawl, and after the dust settles, the family is left in a bitter divide. Catching wind of the unfortunate details, sweet Stanley sister JoAnn travels from Tennessee to Martinsburg to help heal wounds. She hopes to bring the family back together, but when her new boyfriend decides to run from the law, JoAnn is caught between her gypsy family and her summer fling.

Kayla’s fiery cousin, Sheena, and her younger sister, Annie, have both separated from their husbands and moved to Martinsburg to stay with Kayla for the summer. Sheena and Annie comfort Kayla as she licks her wounds after her brawl with Nettie. While Kayla vows never to associate with Nettie or Mellie ever again, can her house guests convince her otherwise?

Gypsy Sisters Season 2 cast Sheena Annie Kayla Nettie Mellie JoAnn

Holy crap! Two recently split ladies move in with Kayla, one of which winds up dating some guy on the run from the law?!? And if that preview didn’t sound dramatic enough, the network also issued a press release announcing the new season in which they say the brawl between Kayla and Nettie is “one of the most outrageous and violent brawls in reality television history!” And that’s from the network that brought you the previous most outrageous and violent brawl in reality television history with these very same ladies! Here’s the full press release with even more Gypsy Sisters Season 2 cast photos:

When is Gypsy Sisters coming back?


The series returns with a special two-hour premiere on Thursday, December 5 at 9 PM ET/PT

In West Virginia’s Gypsy community, the Stanley family’s emotions run as wild as their wedding gowns. Putting everything on the line to protect their reputations and relationships, the outrageous ladies are back and bigger than ever on an all new season of TLC’s GYPSY SISTERS, premiering on Thursday, December 5 at 9 PM ET/PT.

Gypsy Sisters Mellie Nettie Kayla JoAnn Annie Sheena
Gypsy Sisters Season 2 cast photo 5Gypsy Sisters Season 2 cast photo 4Gypsy Sisters Season 2 cast photo 6

GYPSY SISTERS delves into the lives of six relatives (Nettie, Kayla, Mellie, Sheena, Annie and JoAnn) as they outspokenly set their own rules in the suburban town of Martinsburg. The drama continues with eight new episodes as the girls’ tempers are hot and they are out for vengeance. In the premiere, a web of lies and Mellie’s meddling causes Kayla and Nettie to reach a boiling point that erupts into one of the most outrageous and violent brawls in reality television history.

Black sheep Mellie is also pregnant and, after exchanging vows and blows during her wedding ceremony, has alienated herself from everyone in her inner circle. On top of that, her marriage lasted six days and she is back from serving a second weekend jail sentence.

In an environment where fistfights and family go hand in hand, will the ladies mend their broken relationships and show that they can love as much as they can hate? Or has the damage been done and the emotional and physical scars from previous arguments proven to be too deep?

GYPSY SISTERS is produced for TLC by Firecracker Films.

Gypsy Sisters Season 2 cast photo 9

All photos: DCL/TLC

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