Kayla Cooper explains husband Doug’s arrest, says he was drunk & her son called the police

Gypsy Sisters Kayla Cooper and husband Doug Cooper photo

Former Gypsy Sisters star Kayla Cooper had a very short-lived honeymoon after her newlywed husband Douglas Cooper was arrested less than two weeks after the couple got married in an intimate ceremony on October 17.

In a statement posted soon after Doug’s arrest, Kayla claimed that it was due to the combination of an outstanding warrant and their neighbor calling the police due to Doug having a few drinks and playing music too loud and too late. Kayla’s son Richard made separate posts, including photos, that indicated he was the one who called the police on his new step-dad. In addition, there were reports that Doug had gotten physical with Kayla, and that was the main reason Richard called the police

Since her previous explanation was being called into question, and because of the rumors of violence, Kayla returned to social media to clarify once again, this time in an extremely lengthy post that concedes that her son (in addition to the neighbors) called the police. “So to get all this clear dougie nvr touched me other than pointing a finger in my face and at one point holding my hands down Bc he felt I was gna hit him,” Kayla explains.

She says that the only reason things even got to that point was because Doug had some alcohol to celebrate his birthday, which fell on October 25. “Dougie drank liquor something he doesn’t do and it got the best of him,” Kayla explains. Doug was out in his pickup truck blasting music late on a school night. Kayla says that she went out to try to convince Doug to come back inside and go to bed, but he got out of the truck and started yelling and pointing in Kayla’s face. From Kayla:

I got very upset told him get his finger pointing out my face or we was gna have a problem so at that very moment richi my son comes walking out runs up full force ready to swing Bc he thought dougie hit me and he was screaming don’t put ur hands on my mom although he wasn’t but my richi thought he was n dougie simply pushed him bck to keep him from between me and his argument at the moment! Richi had every right to do so I’m his mother he was worried but no more than yelling and finger pointing was going on around this time neighbors r saying there gna call law n I looked at my son and said call the police.

Kayla insists that it was the first time Doug had ever gotten out of control, and she assured everyone that she would never allow that kind of behavior around her children. She argues that if Doug had actually been violent with her or the children that he would be facing domestic violence charges — whether she wanted to press them or not.

Here is a photo of Kayla with her son Richard (Richi) and husband Doug (Dougie):

Gypsy Sisters Kayla Cooper with son Rich ard and husband Doug Cooper

Kayla’s statement didn’t seem to get the desired reaction from people, as many questioned whether or not Doug really was that inexperienced with alcohol. Plus, they pointed out his numerous run-ins with the law as evidence that these kinds of outbursts might should have been expected. Kayla tried to defend herself and Doug for a while, but eventually she deactivated her personal Facebook page and has yet to return.

Meanwhile, Doug is still being held in a West Virginia jail as he waits to be transferred back to a New York prison to serve out the remainder of his sentence stemming from a probation violation. Kayla had stated previously that he would be serving 90 days.

Here is Kayla’s full statement, with a few paragraph breaks added in:

Kayla Cooper explains why her husband Douglas Cooper was arrested

Why did Gypsy Sisters Kayla' husband Doug get arrested? Kayla explains

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