PHOTOS Is Gypsy Sisters’ Kayla Williams getting divorced?

Gyspsy Sisters Kayla Williams Season 3 photo

After settling her feud with cousin Nettie Stanley on the last season of Gypsy Sisters, it sounds like Kayla Williams has some new drama to contend with in her marriage. According to TLC, Kayla “relies on the ladies as she struggles in her 17-year marriage to Richard. Despite their longtime romance and large family, Kayla is facing issues in her marriage that may change her life’s dynamics for good.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the pair has been able to salvage their relationship — considering they both appear to be dating new people.

Richard Williams Kayla Williams Divorce

A few months ago, there were rumors the split was due to Kayla having an affair. However, a loooot of accusations are thrown around on the ladies’ social media pages and it’s often difficult to know what’s true. It’s also unclear whether Kayla or Richard has filed for divorce.

What we do know is that Kayla and new man Tyler Mumaw are pretty serious: They live together and, according to her Facebook page, are engaged! Check out these photos of the couple getting really, really close:

Gypsy Sisters Kayla Williams and rumored fiance Tyler Mumaw

Tyler Mumaw - Kayla Williams

And here’s a photo of Kayla and Tyler hugging in which it appears as though Kayle has gotten a tattoo of his name on her shoulder!

Gypsy Sisters Kayla Williams Tyler Mumaw tattoo

Find out more about Kayla’s relationship status when Gypsy Sisters returns to TLC on Thursday, Aug. 21 at 9/8c.

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