SPOILERS Alone Season 3 winner: Speculation rampant ahead of reunion

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History’s Alone is set to conclude its most successful season to date with a record-breaking finale this Thursday. But who is the Alone Season 3 winner–and will s/he spend the $500,000 prize on what’s sure to be the biggest feast of their life? Read on for the latest, but tread carefully if you aren’t caught up on the show…there are potential spoilers ahead.

As we reported just ahead of the Season 3 premiere, early money was on Zachary Gault winning it all, thanks to what some social media savvy fans interpreted as a series of inadvertent spoilers from fellow contestant Megan Hanacek. As it turned out, Gault was the second survivor to tap out–so now speculation has instead focused on Megan as the eventual winner, and on the idea that her constant congratulating of ZG was one way of deflecting attention from herself.

On a related note, History ran a poll after the penultimate Season 3 episode, asking viewers who they thought would take home the grand prize. The votes were more or less split between Megan, Zachary, and Callie, though the venerable Canadian managed to come out ahead:

However, Megan’s her broken tooth has many viewers postulating that she can’t possibly go the distance. She may be eating more than Carleigh or Zachary Fowler, but pain has a way of affecting decision-making more than hunger–particularly because, as Fowler well knows, hunger can vanish with the catch of a fish.

New how I make the wood water bottle on @History's #AloneShow by my Fowler's Makery and Mischief on YouTube!!! Link in profile

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Indeed, the bearded Mainer has certainly been stepping up his social media outreach of late. His Instagram updates are coming on the regular, many of them in turn promoting his “Fowler’s Makery and Mischief” channel on YouTube. An increased social media presence alone isn’t enough evidence that Fowler gutted out the win–just making it to Alone‘s final three is enough to ensure a huge increase in followers. However, another curious fact working in his favor comes via intrepid Redditor Dennicornn, who points out that Fowler is the only one of the ten contestants to feature in every single Season 3 episode. The same was true of Dave McIntyre last year.

And Carleigh remains the Season 3 dark horse. Her erratic social media presence is either a huge check for or against her: Carleigh was the only member of the cast not to be on social media at all before the season began; she then appeared on Facebook after a few episodes, vanished for several weeks, and went public again last week, just in time for the finale. It’s unclear whether History requires all of its shows’ participants to be on at least one social media platform, but it would be strange, in 2017, for the victor of a high-profile show like Alone to be *that* off-the-grid.

One piece of information we do have ahead of the Alone Season 3 finale is what looks like the total length of time the winner managed to stick it out. Though there isn’t yet a page for the finale on the show’s web site, a quick look at History’s programming guide for Thursday, February 9th reveals that the title of the finale is “87 Days.”

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Devotées will recall that that’s nearly a month longer than anyone managed in previous seasons: Dave McIntyre, the Season 2 winner, lasted for 66 days on Vancouver Island; Alan Kay, the Season 1 champ, won after 56.

And, in a programming departure from the first two seasons, this year’s reunion special will air immediately after the Season 3 finale, meaning fans are in for back-to-back Alone goodness:

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The suspense might be terrible, but it won’t last: you can find out the identity of the Alone Season 3 winner this Thursday, February 9th, on History.

(Photo credits: Alone Season 3 winner via Instagram, History)

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