SUMMER HOUSE Danielle Olivera calls Lindsay Hubbard ‘self-absorbed,’ says what we’re all thinking

Danielle Olivera is spilling the tea! After a much publicized break up with both her boyfriend AND best friend… the Summer House star is telling all… and she isn’t mincing her words.

Danielle Olivera talks to Entertainment Tonight

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Summer House‘s Danielle Olivera is clearing the air on where she stands with ex-bestie and costar Lindsay Hubbard.

Speaking over video-chat, the newly single Olivera has a lot to say about the friendship fallout fans will see during season 7 of the Bravo reality series.

Lindsay Hubbard is self absorbed

In the most shady part of the discussion with ET, Olivera calls Hubbard ‘self-absorbed,’ explaining that while she was always there for her friend, she didn’t exactly receive the same love in return.

She never had to go to bat for me, and I’ve never really stood up for myself with her, like, on what I need until now, and she didn’t even get it. She didn’t respond well, she didn’t even understand that it was a possibility that that could be the case, because she’s the word I use in the beginning, self-absorbed.

Their friendship breakup came right around the time Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke had begun to fast track their own relationship. Radke, who was once linked to Olivera, is giving it all up for fiancé Hubbard, and Olivera is not holding back on her feelings about it:

I have to focus on No. 1, and I finally think that I I found my voice, and… maybe the timing wasn’t what she wanted.

What fans of Summer House are saying

Fans of Summer House seem to agree with Danielle’s admissions, as Twitter continues to roast Hubbard for her complete lack of self-awareness.

Will Radke, Hubbard and Olivera make amends in time for her to receive an invite to the next Summer House wedding? We’ll see. At this point, we’re not even sure she’d want to go… and we can’t really blame her.

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