SUMMER HOUSE Paige DeSorbo has Craig Conover hooked on her signature smoothie

Summer House star Paige DeSorbo has boyfriend Craig Conover hooked on her signature blended drink.

Find out how to make it here, and watch the smoothie TikTok that has fans hilariously asking if she’s “okay…”

Summer House

Summer House just ended its 7th season and Paige DeSorbo was at the center of it, feuding with co star Lindsay Hubbard about her “fake” relationship with OG Carl Radke.

Paige joined the reality series in its 4th season and has been an it-girl ever since. She currently hosts a succesful podcast called Giggly Squad with Hannah Berner, and is frequently featured on Amazon Live where she shares her favorite clothes and accessories with fans.

DeSorbo is a true reality tv queen and her boyfriend knows his way around the profession as well – Craig Conover, who she’s been dating since 2021, is an OG star of Bravo’s Southern Charm.

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover

Paige and Craig officially announced their relationship in late 2021, but were linked together as early as that spring. The two are super cute and often have cameos on each others series’ – as well as both of them co staring on the Bravo spin off Winter House.

Fans of travelling and Taylor Swift, the two have been globetrotting recently coming back from a trip to Italy with DeSorbo’s parents. The couple saw T-Swift live in New Jersey earlier this summer, and often use her music in the background of their Instagram stories.

Craig spends a lot of time with Paige in New York, where it appears DeSorbo has picked up a new hobby: making smoothies for her man.

Signature smoothie from the “pillar of the health community”

Conover has been posting the same smoothie for the last few days and seems to be hooked on it. In fact, DeSorbo featured the recipe on her TikTok, and fans are hilariously asking her if she’s “okay” because of this new found obsession.


A pilar of the health community

♬ original sound – Paige DeSorbo

In a post labeled “pillar of the health community,” Paige shows fans what is in Craig’s new favorite drink.

  • Mixed berries (raspberries, blue berries and blackberries)
  • Strawberry Chobani yogurt
  • Ice
  • Sol-Ti Ginger SuperShot

Blend it together (Paige uses a NutriBullet!) and serve to your adorably famous boyfriend with a glass straw.


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