SUMMER HOUSE Why Amanda Batula is hesitant to change her last name

Summer House stars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula got married in early 2022 but Batula still hasn’t officially changed her last name.

Read why she’s hesitant, and see what her Summer House friends have to say about it…

Summer House

Summer House just ended its 7th season with a reunion that had everyone talking. The show that follows young NYC residents who share a Hamptons house for the weekend has ran since 2017.

One of the OG cast members of the show is Kyle Cooke, who met his now wife Amanda Batula when she joined the series in season two. The pair have been featured on every season since.

Kyle and Amanda

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula dated for nearly 6 years before getting engaged in 2019. The partners aren’t just romantic, they have a business relationship, as well.

Developed during the early seasons of Summer House, Loverboy alcoholic spritz drinks is founded and ran by Cooke and his wife.

Cast mate Carl Radke was involved since its inception in 2018, but stepped down once he found sobriety and his fiancé got in his ear.

Married in 2021, the two have a dramatic dynamic full of ups and down, and of course… a cheating scandal. All of which has played out on Bravo, as well as in the media.

Batula avoids being Mrs. Cooke

On a recent recording of Summer House stars Ciara Miller and Mya Allen podcast CoDependents, Amanda Batula sat down alongside cast member and bestie Paige DeSorbo for a candid conversation about having children and changing her name.

What many may not know is that Amanda still goes by Batula. She has not officially changed her name to Cooke. Fans may understand her hesitation, but hear her explanation below:

That’s like half the reason I don’t want to change my last name, is because I need every article that’s written about me to be Amanda Batula. And then when my kids come out, Amanda Cooke to them, and they like try to Google their mom…

How did the cast react? They’re on her side, with host Mya Allen immediately responding:

That’s so smart!

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