Daniel Gibson clears up rumors about his divorce from Keyshia Cole ahead of LHHH Season 6

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars Booby and Keyshia Cole have been going through their divorce for several years — long enough for a ton of gossip and rumors about it to have almost become fact. There’s been plenty of talk about him demanding huge alimony and / or child support checks from her, and about Keyshia leaking details of Booby’s alleged affairs, though nothing’s ever been proven. The two of them were mostly chill & civil co-parents during LHHH Season 4, though even then their expected custody battle was always brewing beneath the surface of their relationship. And it didn’t help that the two of them apparently got real paid to join the show: Keyshia claimed that her price to join the cast was $1.5 million, and that Booby had “to go a little lower” than his apparent $1 million request.

So it was nice to see Booby Gibson go on the Domenick Nati Show ahead of LHHH Season 6 to try and dispel some of those rumors. He talked about whether his divorce from Keyshia is finally final, what his relationship with Keyshia is like after a multi-year divorce (their son, DJ, was born in 2011, meaning DJ’s parents have been split up and getting divorced for well over half of his life), and whether Booby has ever made any formal financial demands. He even reminisces about LeBron and their Cavaliers days.

Here’s Gibson’s full interview on The Domenick Nati Show. The good stuff about Booby and Keyshia Cole starts at the very beginning:

On his divorce from Keyshia:

I was under the impression that the divorce was finalized. I haven’t seen the paperwork, but you know — in divorce issues, once you’re finished with everything, it takes awhile for you to actually see the paperwork. There were some things in there that wasn’t finalized…as far as, like, seeing DJ and making sure it’s split down the middle in terms of, like, our time with him and where he stays weekly. That’s pretty much it. So, it’s done; it’s just a matter of it being filed and presented to the courts.

On whether the two of them keep in touch, and whether they’ll get back together:

[Laughs] Absolutely not. Like, there’s no chance. But, [do we stay in contact]? Of course. You know, that’s the mother of my child. We try to do the best we can to raise my son, and make sure he has everything at his disposal. So, yeah, we stay tight, in that regard. We co-parent as best we can. But anything outside of that…is dead. There’s nothin’ else there.

Is he in a custody battle with her, and does he expect child support payments:

Naah…there was never an instance when I asked for anything, or she’s wanted anything from me. There’s no custody battle. I’m not trying to take him from her; she’s not trying to take him from me. The only disagreement we’ve had…is trying to come to an agreement on how long he’s with me, what holidays he’ll be with her….I’ve never come on and said anything negative about her, and I never will. And outside of her telling me I cheated on her, she doesn’t really, either. And that’s just not how we rock — we’ve never wanted anything from the other person. The timeframe it’s taken us to finish the deal, that’s the only reason why questions come up.

Maybe the best detail of all is Daniel’s voice. He actually sounds super calm and at peace with the whole thing. I’m sure Keyshia wouldn’t say everything he said in *exactly* the same way, but if the paperwork’s all been filed and they’re both just waiting for it all to be processed, then it sounds like the worst is behind Booby and Keyshia Cole and DJ.

Gibson also added that he’s been dating fashion designer and model Sinfony Rosales for about six months. He didn’t say whether she’ll appear alongside him for LHHH Season 6 later this summer, but did mention that the two of them are just taking it slow.

(Photo credits: Booby and Keyshia Cole via Instagram)

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