Watch Jake and Vienna viciously duke it out on The Bachelorette

Jake and Vienna, the Bachelor pairing everything thought was mutually beneficial for a couple  of aspiring famous people, exploded all over the internet, and especially on supermarket magazine covers last week.

The two parties furiously called up the tabloids of their choice and duked it out on the headlines with Vienna claiming Jake wouldn’t touch her sexually, and Jake saying that Vienna cheated on him. But they took this sideshow all the way Monday night, snatching the spotlight away from Ali Fedtowsky’s Bachelorette episode with a petty and vicious fight colored a shade of bitter resentment only real relationships take on. Could it be that ABC’s The Bachlor/ette has finally served up a hot dish of steaming . . . reality?

Not to layer on too much praise, but at times the hairs on my arm tingled from domestic petulance in a way I haven’t felt since Taylor and Burton in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Here’s Vienna and Jake talking to Jimmy Kimmel during a happier (more fake) time:

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