BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Marta is stripping on Snapchat for money

References to someone’s “15 minutes of fame” are far too common in the world of reality TV, but for 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Marta Maldonado it seems entirely fitting given that her busted relationship with hunky Algerian beau Daya equated to roughly 15 minutes of actual screen time. And Marta is meriting the use of another overused reality show cliche inspired by Andy Warhol’s famous quote as she is literally looking to cash in on her fifteen minutes of fame by stripping on Snapchat for money.

Marta announced her virtual social media strip club a couple weeks ago as she asked her Instagram followers for advice on how much to charge for the service. “So I created a separate Snap for paying users and dedicated to support my dance studio and share my journey as a dancer in the clubs before I retire for good!” Marta wrote in a post for her Instagram story.

“This is my first time doing this,” she continued, “so I need to know what is a fair price to charge for monthly and yearly memberships. What would you pay!?”

Marta then revealed her thoughts as far as pricing. “I would charge like $300 a month only cuz I can get $300 for half hour in the clubs, just want to make sure people are willing to pay!”

Now, before you wealthy Marta fans and 90 Day Fiance bloggers get all trigger happy with your screen caps, Marta warns you that doing that will get you booted from the Marta party. “No screenshots or your [sic] banned!” she warned. And also, don’t get your hopes up that her rated-R endeavor will become rated X. “This is not p0rn and will not turn into it either so don’t try!” she wrote.

Marta later expressed her frustration over how many followers she has on Instagram and how much better off she would be if they would all just send her some money. “If I had $5 for every request I approved on the gram, I would have more than enough $$$ to get my business off the ground, and then I wouldn’t have to drive 2 hours anymore to work at night or dance in the clubs anymore!”

She then did some additional math based on a monthly Instagram subscription. “If I got a monthly membership payment of $30 from everyone following me on the gram, my business would be set for 10yrs!”

In case you were curious, at the time of this post, Marta has 8,229 followers on the gram. So, going by Marta’s hypotheticals, $41,145 would be more than enough money to get her business off the ground. The second part is a little more confusing because I think Marta is implying that if all of her followers paid $30 a month just once, that would equate to her business being set for ten years. But, perhaps she means all of her followers paying $30 a month for ten years?

Either way, I did the math. If all of her subscribers signed up for a $30-a-month subscription, she would initially receive $246,870 for just the first month, and $29,624,400 over ten years. That is a lot of money for sure! Perhaps someone should have though of this Instagram subscription idea sooner?

Marta continued her thought process in the caption for her text graphic announcement:

Gotta make my time and energy count! This world ain’t cheap, people don’t care about how much you give and what you do just to get by and I got people counting on me that I gotta take care of! Just tryna make it count, cuz a b*** gets tired to. I work harder than a Mexican, I just be making it look like it’s it all fun.. I’m not a “stripper” or in school for business for no reason ?(My bad about the typos, I always overlook those after I make my post??‍♀️) That’s another reason why I’m in school?

A few folks came for Marta in the comments section, but she was having none of that as she shut them down Marta style:

COMMENT: Girl, bye!! Go to school and get a real job!!! Stop trying to make a profit from fans!!!

MARTA: Get a life and hop off my page! Bye b*tch! … If you knew better, you would know I’m in school ? If you knew better, you would know I also have my own business. No one is telling you to waste your own time on my page or anyone who agrees with this dumb b*tch!

COMMENT: Lmfao your pathetic get back on the pole were not funding your bullsh*t????

MARTA: Move around you pathetic lame a**! Didn’t nobody ask your a** to snoop on my page with your broke a**!

COMMENT: So many haters on ur page I swear like they followed u because they obviously cared about what ur doin w life, no life having a** people I swear ????

MARTA: I swear. Smh… I’m just getting my bag and getting these lil girls mad ? I don’t care wether they give or not, that’s their preference, but coming on my page and tryna talk ? is a no no! They can move around with that.

COMMENT: Sorry but you can’t call people broke when your asking for charity……??‍♂️ And you work harder than a Mexican??? First off that’s not true AND That’s racist af. Plus I’ve never seen a Mexican begging for change. Not once. I seen YOU ask for charity just for existing though.

MARTA: There’s a difference from begging and being smart about your time and energy. I see this post is bringing out the real haters, lil b*tch! Stalker much?! If you want sit around and waste your time talking sh*t this post is meant for you. Don’t nobody got time to be approving thirsty ass n*ggas. Move around.

REALLY diehard Before the 90 Days fans may recall that Marta talked about hanging up her thong and pasties for good as she focused on college and her pole dancing studio. So why the change of heart by continuing to strip? Marta explains:

As far as her failed relationship with Daya, and her canceled trip to Algeria, Daya is making lemons out of lemonade! She swapped out her flight for a ticket to Cancun, Mexico, where she is currently recovering from having her wisdom teeth removed. Here was Marta’s announcement about her Cancun vacay:

Well, maybe Marta will meet some handsome man in Mexico and extend her 15 minutes to 30 or more by coming back for another season of Before the 90 Days! She gets another season under her belt and she can start charging $500-$600 a month, amirite?

Anyways, for those of you wanting to subscribe to Marta’s subscription-only Snapchat channel, here’s the info — unfortunately I don’t know what the amount was that she finally decided on:

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